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Critical Podium Dewanand


Concept of the Vedical Union, part one

Sacrificer           dewanand
Sacrifice code       wfor2012
Sacrifice date       22 may 2009

1. Introduction
2. Definition of the Vedical Union
3. The white Unions and nations
4. Adolf Hitler united the white race
5. White economical imperialism
6. The famous Hindu race
7. Definition of the Hindu race
8. Hindus in Diaspora all over the world
9. Genetical assimilation of the white race
10. Upgrading the Afro race
11. Participation of the Chinese communistic Empire
12. Participation of Buddhist people and nations
13. Eugenic policy in the Vedical Union
14. Islamic people in the Vedical Union
15. Free open borders for young fertile girls
16. Is the Hindu race superior?
17. Masscale conversion to the Vedical Dharm: Vedistanis
18. Investment money from giant India, green economy
19. Vedical people colonizing Milky Way
20. Conclusion
21. Disclaimer Dewanand

1. Introduction

This article is a study paper on the concept of the Vedical Union. I developed it to investigate if such a union of all Hindu nations is possible. This paper will be send to many organizations and governments all over the world. Anyone can mail me comments to upgrade this research paper. I hope that Hindus will embrace this idea and that the Hindutva movement, Shiv Sena, RSS and the BJP party of India will support this plan for the future of Hindus on this tiny planet.

2. Definition of the Vedical Union

Now the definition will follow of the Vedical Union.

The Vedical Union is a union of all countries with at least 30 percent Hindu people. It is equipped with a central government, central banking system, internal free open borders, free trade, one language, a liberal constitution, free press, a single currency, single stock trade center and a single political system. It will work in the same way as the European Union, but will be more pluriform, because India will be the head state of the whole Vedical Union.

Nations with a population of at least 30 percent Hindus are for example:
India, Surinam, Guyana, Trinidad, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Bali, Singapore, Fiji, etc. All these nations can become members of the Vedical Union and can have profits out from it.

All people in the Vedical Union have the same passport and are free to travel around the world or within the Union. But it is impossible to loose the nationality of the Vedical Union, even when someone is migrating to a country outside this union. This will be regulated by special agreements with outside countries and other unions.

Peace, tolerance and harmony are the basic life styles of people in the Vedical Union. Human rights are very important and are respected, despite of the race, religion, sexual orientation, way of living or gender of someone. Violation of human rights is not tolerated in the Vedical Union. People are free to believe what they want, but they must adapt to the universal spiritual laws of the eternal Vedical Dharm.

Restoring the old Vedical Empire of ancient India is one of the main goals of the Vedical Union, but it will be adapted to actual ways of thinking and living. Respecting the laws of the democracy will be very important. However, I will reveal the concept of the dimensiocracy within a few years and hope that this futuristic political system will be applied in all parts of the Vedical Union, to bring more national stability and to lay the rigid foundation for a knowledge economy.

Equal basic rights for all citizens of the Vedical Union are very important. Discrimination is not allowed and even positive discrimination is unwanted and unnecessary. All colonial laws must be abandoned in the Vedical Union and suppression or discrimination of minorities or Hindus is not allowed. Everyone who violates these laws will be punished or will be banned from the union.

Providing prosperity and welfare for all citizens of the Vedical Union is one of the main goals of the policy for the lawmakers, policemen, soldiers, tradesmen and bankers. The life values, traditions and religion of the ancient people of India will be respected, however, to bring more peace and harmony in the union.

3. The white Unions and nations

Nowadays we see that there are many white countries and economical unions in our world. One example is the European Union, where whites are a majority and they discriminate colored, black, Hindu, Asian and Muslim people. Minorities in white nations suffer a lot in our time. In the Netherlands, a white majority nation, suicides and psychological aberrations among Hindus, blacks and Muslims are higher on the average than among native whites, due to discrimination and racism. These minorities were already suffering during the colonial era, when white Christians were using them as slaves and about 200 million of them were killed and raped. We cannot tolerate this any longer and we must fight to free them all.

More rights for non-whites in all white nations are now at issue. Basically the Vedical Union will be a union of non-white people on this planet, and the majority will be of native Hindu origin. So, this means that it will be a union of brown and black people and they will have to learn to cooperate and work together.

The history of the free colored people, with pigmentation, is not very old. It just started after the colonial era and is only one or two centuries old. Nowadays almost all nations of pigmented people are poor and they are suffering from exploitation and discrimination of the stronger and united white power blocks. We must fight against this now, to give our women and children a better future in their own colored world. After the formation of the Vedical Union all colored people in white nations will be invited to settle down by migration in their own paradise of pigmented people. Then they will not suffer anymore and live in freedom, harmony and prosperity. Politicians must regulate these mass migration movements in future, when the Vedical Union will be developed and be established.

4. Adolf Hitler united the white race

Around the year 1925 Adolf Hitler was writing his famous book 'Mein Kampf', part one, while he was in jail and everyone laughed at him. But he did not collapsed and went on with his one man's war. And around 1934 his nazi party was voted to power and he abandoned the democracy, to lay the foundations for a nazi Germany and to unite all whites in Europe. Till today researchers cannot understand how such an uneducated man could become the Fuehrer of a whole continent. But I have an explanation, please read on.

The nazi doctrine of Adolf Hitler was not new in the white world. Ever since 1492 white people believed that they are the only humans on earth, chosen by the Christian God from the bible and they believed to be the superior race on earth. After they stole the formula of gunpowder from Eastern people they developed deadly fire weapons and became the superior race on warfare. With this power they succeeded in suppressing and colonializing all countries outside Europe and slaughtered about 200 million pigmented people during their reign of six hundred years. All colored people became their slaves and underdogs.

The only mantra of Adolf Hitler was to unify all whites on this planet. He called this race the Aryan race, derived from a verb; he stole from the Vedical scriptures. The Swastika was also stolen from the peaceful Vedical people from India. In fact Hitler was a radical simplist. After he conquered the Netherlands around 1941 he advertised with slogans like, 'the Dutch are our white brothers', and all white Dutch joined the nazi army, even members from the Royal Dutch family (like Prince Bernhard) and there was minimal resistance further in Holland. The Dutch people also hated Jews for their wealth and were happy to see the Jews being killed by the nazi's.

Before the Hitler era the white world was not totally united in one nation. There were many white armies, who were fighting for world power all over the world. The conspiracy of whites against the pigmented races was very well organized and the whole colored world was divided already. Hitler wanted to kill all Jews, but he also wanted to kill all non-Aryan people in the world. Nazism was, however, not a new thing; the whole era of Negro slavery was even worse than it, because 125 million African people were killed and raped by the white Christian armies.

After Adolf Hitler died at the end of the Second World War his ideas did not died with him. Now the whole white world was really united and they organized a total conspiracy against the whole pigmented world, which was named the poor Third World nations. White supremacy by economical strategies was now the new method of colonizing the colored world. And it did worked; just see how poor many pigmented nations are nowadays, especially in Africa.

5. White economical imperialism

It is a shame that nowadays one dollar has the value of almost fifty rupees from India. This is the new way of suppressing the colored Vedical people of the world. We must end this dirty suppression of whites by their imperialistic currencies. The modern colonialism is worse than two hundred years ago, when we, pigmented people, were only slaves, with no currency.

The white European Union is also involved in this dirty modern colonialism. The euro has an exchange value of almost seventy or eighty rupees and this is really suppression. The currencies of African nations are even less worth. NO, we pigmented people must unite now, at once, to end the era of Modern Colonialism of the white race. Suppression cannot be accepted anymore and exploitation must cease at once. Africa also must unite, because I cannot stand the poverty there anymore. Everyday the white Dutch are showing poor, hungry African children on their huge and expensive television screens, to show how superior they are. But it are the white politicians who are doing this and this is not told to the people.

In the Vedical Union the only trade currency will be the rupee and all trade outside this union will be handled in pure gold. In the Vedical Union currencies from white nations will not be accepted and are totally forbidden. Whites will have to pay in pure gold, silver, titanium, platinum, copper or other valuable minerals and goods. Their fake currencies can just go to hell.

The golden standard must be the new world exchange tool for international trade and not the currencies of imperialistic white nations. Even Al Qaeda and the Taliban will agree with this strategy to wipe out all imperialistic whites from earth's surface.

6. The famous Hindu race

Backward, colonial and old-fashioned white Dutch people believe that everyone in India is living in slums and that there are only holy cows in this country. White Dutch people hate the Hindu race, because they firmly believe, that it is a monkey race. White Dutch people do not want to know or read about the famous and glorified history of the Indian race. In the history books of the white Dutch it is written that India had only a lower monkey civilization in the far past and they refuse to change this error, even while it is an outdated written version of the history of ancient India. How the hell can we Hindus accept this? We must fight this injustice, with force.

Whites were only telling lies about the ancient history of the Indian race. They made up the Aryan invasion theory and nowadays they refuse to change their history books, because even in our modern era they want to believe in the lie of white supremacy. The truth is that there were no white people at all in ancient India, all people in ancient India, during the Vedical era, were pigmented. This definitely means that the Vedas and all other important Vedical scriptures were written by colored and pigmented people. White people were not the first ones who started writing books on this planet.

Just read the truth about the Aryan invasion theory, written by a Vedical expert:

  • Death of the Aryan Invasion Theory by Stephen Knapp. Out of india theory included
  • There is a lot of new research going on about the famous Hindu race in ancient India. Now I will give a scientific definition of this race. Read on.

    7. Definition of the Hindu race

    In normal life people always talk about Hindus as a race. Informally Hindus also think and believe that they are a separate race and often only mate and marry with people from the Hindu race. This social aspect of their behavior is very interesting for every researcher, because there is definitely a link between the Hindu religion and the unique Hindu race. Further research is however needed to understand this better.

    Now the outer appearance will be analyzed of the famous Hindu race. Scientists already know that it is the DNA (about 200 000 genes are driving the growth of the human body), which takes care for the whole outer appearance of a living creature. The DNA of every human is however very unique and that's why real scientists never believe in the theory of a separated race. Racial and tribal identities are made by mass psychology, politics, religions, history, nations and cultures.

    Some descriptive aspects of the Hindu race will follow now.

    1. Presence of skin pigmentation in many gradations.
    The skin color varies from light brown, brown, dark brown, chestnut's brown, till even blackish, and can change very fast due to the influence of the sun or darkness. The Hindu races have some sort of a dynamic skin color regulation by nature, what increases their surviving power in many climate zones.

    2. The eye color of the Hindu race often varies from brown to black. Hindus with green, gray or blue eyes are very rare within this ethnical group.

    3. Most Hindus have black, straight hair by nature, which can easily be curled.

    4. The body of Hindus is often very small, round, fragile and slightly. On the average Hindus often have supple body forms, with a very lightly builded skeleton structure. This is often totally different than that of Negroes and whites, who are rougher, heavier, slower, stiffer and craggier. The variation in body size and length is larger within the Hindu race than at that of the three other main races. Even children of two Hindu parents can differ strongly from one another, which indicates that the Hindu genetically phenotype applies to a broad spectrum by nature, and is definitely not homogenous.

    The difference between the Chinese race and the Hindu race is something that is very interesting to investigate. Chinese people have a typical face, with a mongoloidan look and their eyes are different than those of the Hindu race. In countries were mongoloidan and Hindu people must live together, there are often racial tensions, based upon political or religious ways of thinking. In such countries these tensions often lead to racial wars, just like in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Fiji, Naga land in India and some other mixed countries. In countries were Hindus must live together with people of the Afro race, there are also racial tensions and in some of these countries there were complete interracial wars or political apartheid, just like in Fiji, Guyana, Trinidad, Haiti, Surinam, Mauritius and some more countries. If people of the Hindu race live in western white majority countries than they often mate or marry with whites and are lost, wiped away or assimilated after a few generations, and disappear to exist as an unique ethnical group.

    Hindus can be typified as a specific ethnical cultural group in all societies where they live. On the average the Hindu culture distinguish itself by its pluriformity, with very fast adaptation phases, by which everything is totally different at once. The Hindu culture is not defined strictly as an unchangeable set of feeding patterns, behavior, way of living, acts, religion or motives.

    The verb Hindu was developed at the end of the eighteenth century by writers from Britain and spreaded all over the world. During that time the Indian homeland was organized and Hinduism as a religion was developed. In fact it were white people who developed the Hindu religion and who invented the Indian race. Before the whites came to India there was no national unity and this whole subcontinent was divided in many kingdoms (of Rajas) of many sort of people, tribes and religions. By calling them all Hindus the whites united all Indian tribes and developed a national religious identity in this country. Historically this is very interesting to investigate. Without the occupation by colonial white Britons India would have been the same ethnical and religious mess as Africa is today, complete with wars between all Afro tribes.

    Nowadays it is written in all books that there are three basic racial groups on earth, the Caucasian race, the Mongoloidan race and the Afro race. But where do Hindus or Indian people belong to? This is very difficult to define. Hindus belong to none of these racial categories, because in fact they are the fourth main race on this planet and they must fight for this position. The Hindu race is not white and cannot belong to the Caucasian race anymore. They must fight for their own position, between all other racial groups. This must be their holy goal in our present time. Only then their identity as a unique race and ethnical group can become stronger and then they will be more successful in life.

    I have written these facts about the famous Hindu race, because there is a relation between the genes and the individual identity of someone, in spite of the race to which he/she belongs. It is very interesting to study the relation between the single identity of a person and the race to which he/she belongs. This field of psychology is however, very difficult to investigate, because it cannot be measured adequately and it is not ethical to write about it. But as a researcher I do not believe in ethics and that's why I write all these facts about the famous Hindu or Indian race. People must not personalize these texts of me.

    Critical readers must not think that I am a racist, because I write about the famous Hindu race. As a researcher I only observe the natural things and patterns in nature and analyze the facts. Also, I want to understand the secret goal of the creation by Altecrea (Almighty Technical Creator, incarnation of Krishna in my actual space and time, called micro creation of myself, in the philosophy of Dewanism). It is very difficult to explain and understand why Altecrea created so many racial humanoid types and so many sorts of tribes, nations, religions, cultures, identities, etc.

    I must admit that my views are however limited, because I am also limited as a single humanoid creature, with a highly developed conscious. So, I am just researching the creation of Altecrea during this single lifecycle of myself in my material body. Just realize that our body is in fact totally made from the foodstuffs that we eat, and this means we must call our self rice, roti, bread, apples, meat, vegetables, fruits, water, milk etc., because that's what our material body is for real. In many Vedical scriptures is written that we have borrowed our material body from nature and one day at the end, we will have to give it back, when our soul (atman) is ready to depart for the next lifecycle in another body. This indicates that we are not the material body and it is a full deception to identify yourself with this piece of worthless matter, where you must live in.

    Finally, to be honest toward mankind and all people that I could have insulted by this paper, one thing must be written about the social behavior of people from the Hindu race. Based upon my experience with innumeral Hindu people, mainly from Surinam and the Netherlands, I must admit that they strongly believe in some sort of secret concept about the Hindu race. I observed many times that people of Hindu origin are radically anti-Afro and pro-white. Having a fair or very light skin color is very important to get a higher social status in communities, which are dominated by Hindu people. This is also one of the elements of the complex caste system in Hindu society, all over the world. The racism of Hindu people is one of the biggest problems of Hindus themselves and divides them in many weak and divided tribal communities. Furthermore, I must admit honestly, that Hindu people are radical anti-Afro all over the world. Many Hindu people whom I know personally really hate people with some amount of Afro-genes of with even an Afro look. I even observed that Hindu people hated Hindu born persons with a tiny or minor Afro mutation. Hindu persons who are born with Afro hair, like heavily curled hair, are sometimes radically discriminated and rejected in Hindu dominated communities. Mutually Hindus discriminate each other just like stupid sewer rats, often based upon skin color, Afro mutations, Caucasian mutations, and many more aspects, which can be seen by the eyes.

    Many Hindu people firmly told me, and they mean it seriously, that you can only be born as a Hindu, so conversion to Hinduism is totally impossible and not accepted by radical Hindus. This definitely indicates, to me as a researcher, that Hindu people all over the world really believe that they are some sort of religious race. Of course I find this totally nonsense, because it is very stupid and absurd to base a fantastic and highly advanced religion on some sort set of random (Hindu) genes. The strong correlation between the Hindu religion and Hindu people, as observed by me in practice, is the proof that they have a very strong believe in some sort of Hindu race and this gives way to the statement that it is possible to detect and isolate specifically types of Hindu genes.

    Many years ago researchers investigated old Jewish families and isolated some sort of Jewish genes, called Cohen Modal Hapoltype (CMH) or the Kohaniem genes (some specific area of six chromosome mark signs), after genetic research of old Jewish priest families, which have a history of 106 generations (some 3300 years ago, just around the time when Jewish tribes left Egypt. See source research of Dr. Skorecki (publication in Science News, 3 October 1998) Encyclopedia of Jewish history. This really means that if researchers can find Jewish genes, then it must also be possible to find typical Hindu genes, to satisfy the radical Hindus.

    8. Hindus in Diaspora all over the world

    Since the second half of the nineteenth century Indian people were immigrating to all parts of the world to work there after the abolition of the Afro slavery. India was already heavily populated by that time. The majority of these Indians stayed in these new countries and adapted, some were totally assimilated. This is called the Diaspora of Hindus all over the world. But in many countries the Hindu identity survived and was even strengthened in the new homeland. Some of these countries are for example Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad, Surinam, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and many more.

    After the independence of India and the separation of Pakistan and Bangladesh the emigration continued, especially toward the white Western countries. Nowadays there are huge Indian and Hindu communities in all Western countries and they are doing very good. Many Hindus are totally assimilated in these Western countries and will never think about returning to India or their other colored homelands. In the Netherlands the majority of the Hindu girls have sex relations with white Dutch men and they have chosen for total genetically assimilation already. Because of this the major part of the Hindu race will fade away completely after one or two generations in Holland and their offspring's will become completely Dutch.

    I consider myself as someone of the Hindu race and I am born in Surinam as a fourth generation Indian. Since the Internet came into my life my Indian and Hindu identity became stronger. Now I read online Indian newspapers every day and I can communicate with many Hindu people all over the world, at a very cheap rate. Our actual period of mass communication by the web is changing the identity of ethnical groups in Diaspora. The explosive growth of the Indian economy is also empowering the identity of many people with Indian ancestors. Something is growing now and our proudness is increasing. Experts have already predicted that this century is the Indian and Asian age. And this makes me feel proud as someone of the Hindu race.

    Nowadays when I meet young Hindu teenager girls in the Netherlands, I am surprised to see how strong their Indian identity is, even when they only have sexual relations with big shaped white men. But, sometimes I observe their love relations with white men and I see that they are assimilating this race. Many white men have converted to Hinduism, because of their sex relations with many Hindu girls. Even mixed children with a Hindu mother and a white father, are attracted by the Hindu identity and even get assimilated by Hindu people in the Netherlands. This development is interesting, because the small, slender and tight Hindu girls are now assimilating the long white men by mating with many of them. Maybe in the future many Dutch people will be mixed and will have a Hindu identity. I like to discuss this racial mixing process with radical right wing Dutch people at discussion forums on the web, to learn from it and to have some fun.

    One positive thing is that Hindus in Diaspora are doing very well in many countries were they settled down. The best example is the United States of America, where many highly skilled, knowledge workers are from Indian descent. This country would be doomed at this moment if all Hindus from India immigrate back to their country of origin, with all their money and knowledge. Even the nationalistic Barack Obama is aware of this danger, if he will increase the discrimination and hatred toward Indian and other colored people in the USA. I think that radical Hindus in the USA will get very excited if they read this document of me, about the Vedical Union. I really want to prevent the total destruction of the Hindu race in white majority countries and want to spread the Vedical knowledge all over the world, to enlighten all intelligent creatures on this tiny planet, without any wars or killings. Only we Hindus believe in the power of peaceful cooperation, and tolerance of everything that exist.

    9. Genetical assimilation of the white race

    Nowadays quite a lot of white people are dying, because of skin cancer. The global heating and changing of the climate zones is killing the superior white race. One solution is radical repigmentation of the whole white race within one generation. White people all over the world must consider this proposal, to preserve their race. Buying pigmentation is not possible, because the only way is through fresh offspring that is repigmented by black or brown seed.

    Nowadays the repigmentation of white Dutch people is just increasing. Many white girls are mating with Afro and pigmented men and are giving birth to colored children, who are raised like normal Dutch people. This racial mixing process is very interesting. Also many white Dutch men are marrying with colored, black and Asian woman and their children are mixed and repigmented. The colorization of the Netherlands is just increasing and some nationalistic whites do not find this a good development.

    In the Vedical Union the repigmentation of purebred whites will be total. In some way I even want to forbid all mutual white heterosexual relations and marriages, but this is not ethical, because love must always be a free social process and not be forced. But white people will always stay a minority in the Vedical Union and will automatically be assimilated by the black, colored and pigmented majority, without force. In this way the white race will be totally erased by time in the whole Vedical Union.

    Interesting is that many researchers explained that the United States of America is the biggest melting pot in the Western world. It is predicted that after the year 2050 the purebred whites will become a minority in the USA and the majority will be Asian, Afro, Hindu, Hispanic or pigmented in anyway. Maybe after some centuries all whites will be repigmented in the USA and then a new race will rule this country. What will happen with the famous American identity and culture is not clear for me at this moment. For sure, pigmented people develop another sort of culture and religion than whites. Maybe this could mean that the USA will become a Vedical country of pigmented people, just like India and will evolve further. It is already a fact that many (white) Americans are converting to the Vedical Dharm and they know a lot about Hinduism. There are already some famous Vedical thinkers with a white Christian background in the USA and they are the most fanatics. Think about Shri David Frawley (Vamadeva), Shri Stephen Knapp, Shree Linda Johnson, Shri Ian Stephenson and many more. White people who are converting to the Vedical Dharm are often very intelligent and they develop strong Hindu organizations, with good funding and high production. That's what I like of white people, they are the best producers of knowledge, strong organizations and high tech products on our planet, and maybe we must preserve this race forever in the Vedical Union of the future.

    One thing more. At this moment almost all my best friends are blue-eyed white men and they are the only one who can understand me, and with whom I can discuss difficult things, which I investigate. Many love partners of me were whites with blue eyes. It seems to me that there is something mysterious around white people with blue eyes, but I do not understand this totally yet. Purebred whites with nice big blue eyes and blond hair are already a minority on our world. As a believer in the complementary race theorem of the creation of Altecrea, I will never promote the total destruction of any race, tribe or person. All people have some value; in spite of their race and every race add some value to the whole natural progress of mankind. Preserving the white, blond and blue-eyed race must be considered in the Vedical Union, even by protecting them by cloning or special pure breeding projects.

    I must add one more comment about the white race. It could be real that the white race was the last one that was developed or created by Altecrea on our planet. There are many theorems. One theorem is that tribes of the pigmented ancestors of humanity were isolated during the last ice age for some ten thousand years and lost their pigmentation to survive in the darkness of this era. They were not only changed physically, but also mentally. Afro fundamentalists call them a race of Albino mutants. The hardships in the extreme icy weather reprogrammed their spirit and mind, and they developed a binary mind, with an inborn quality to think in two extreme states, name them zero (false, 0, enemy) state and the one (true, 1, friend) state. This is just like the Boolean logics, which is used in mathematics and in the field of programming. So, the white race has become a binary and linear race because of the rude cold/warm programming during the last ice age, when they were totally isolated from the whole world. But, thanks to this quality they succeeded to survive and to invent many important technologies, concept of mass production, administration, bookkeeping, fire arms, nuclear bombs, difficult theorems in basically physics, and many more inventions, which were important for the modernization of society. This means that whole mankind must be thankful to the white race and help them to survive and even to stay racially pure in their own homelands.

    10. Upgrading the Afro race

    Nowadays, Africa is a very sad story and makes you cry only. Hunger, tribal wars, religious wars, AIDS, orphans, AIDS orphans, hungry children, starving people, natural disasters, massacre and many more sad things are happening in many African countries. We see it every day on television in the Netherlands and I do not find it good. After almost fifty years of development aid from the Western world the misery just has increased in many countries of Africa. Because of this, many racist whites believe that the Afro people are not very intelligent and quite inferior. Anyhow, they say, how could small white armies conquer, occupy, exploit and rape the huge masses of African people for about six hundred years? During the colonial era all Afro people were abused and raped as slaves all over the world, by white Christians, Jews, Arabian Muslims, by the first Americans and even in South America by the Latinos. This history is really terrible.

    The Afro people on our planet were dehumanized during almost a thousand years. Their whole culture and almost all their women were abused and raped. Afro people have no old religion anymore, no ancient holy books, no old language, no ancient script, and their whole identity and culture is messed up totally. The Afro race is a lost race, as was explained by many researchers. In the year 2060 they said: 'Europe will be the old man's world, China will be the manufacturing fabric of the world, India will be the software fabric of the world, and Africa will be the lost world.' This was explained by some economic researchers. It is really sad.

    Nevertheless, I must say, I like the Afro race and I do not hate them. During my youth in Surinam I often fell in love with Afro girls and that's why I know them very well. But my Hindu family hated Afro Surinamese and they taught me to hate them also. But now I have matured and learned not to hate anyone or any material bodies from any sort of creature, because at the spiritual level in the Vedical religion, we are not the body, but the colorless soul (atman), as was explained by wise and old rishis in ancient India, already thousands of years ago. In some way, only the wisdom of the Vedas can save Africa in future. All Afro people must return to their Vedical roots and discover their ancient knowledge, written by their pigmented ancestors in ancient India. As I already explained, there were no whites in ancient India, and the Vedas were written by pigmented humans. The Vedas contain the wisdom of the pigmented people on this tiny, wrecked planet.

    The Vedical Union will sure have to invest in the future of all African people, because there is an old Indian wisdom, which says that the world is big enough for us all and we must share it. Acting is important, and not nice thoughts or sweet written words. We all must say: 'Africa deserves better' and act in this way. I will soon publish a special paper about the future of Africa, with the title:

    'United States of Africa'
    This paper will be distributed all over Africa, as a gift of Altecrea, revealed to my material head and fast typing fingers.

    In some way the Afro race has really degenerated. See this publication below by a learned African writer.

    Source website:
    Africa News Online - Africa has to get new breed of humans (Opinion)

    For contact information on publications participating in AFRICA NEWS ONLINE, including email and Web addresses, click here.

    Africa has to get new breed of humans (Opinion)
    The Monitor (Kampala)
    January 4, 2000
    By Ssekitooleko Deo

    Kampala - I wish to agree with Charles Onyango-Obbo's article, "Slave Trade Took Our Best, Left Us Chaff" (The Monitor Dec. 08). I go a step further to suggest that if Africa is to rediscover itself, it must acquire new, improved breeds of not only plants and animal species but also humans.

    This can be done through cross-breeding with superior human beings from other continents; inviting our relatives, the Afro-Americans, to come back and occupy our highest political and economic positions, and recalling the colonialists to govern us for a specific period. The latter can be done by privatizing the political structure of our governments.

    With the advent of genetic engineering, we have seen increased milk production, eaten chicken of only two months old, and acquired clonal coffee which matures in a couple of years.

    All this has been possible because the Agriculture ministry recognized the potential of new improved breeds of crops and animals.

    The same formula can work with human beings.

    However retrogressive it may appear, there is no doubt that Europeans have been the best breed of human species, followed by Asians.

    At the bottom of the list are black Africans.

    The African morphology, dark coloration, greed, lack of intellect, failure to internalize theories and lack of interest in preserving our best things clearly show that we are an inferior people.

    It is universally accepted that any specie that practices cannibalism against members of its kind is primitive. Look at African politicians, butchering whole ethnic groups, starving whole populations.

    Since it is beyond doubt that almost all Africans in positions of power tend to misuse it, it is logical to conclude that there is a problem with the stock from which our leaders come.

    Even our intellectuals, public servants and business people are of poor stock.

    In recent times, the American breed of human species has out-competed the European breed, the main reason being that the American stock is an improved one.

    It is a mixture of the Europe's, Asia's, and Africa's best breeds.

    Americans continue to improve their human stock through the Green Lottery project whereby they admit into the US at least 60,000 superior individuals from all over the world.

    Now, if Americans are so serious about the quality of humans entering their country, how could they have bought chaff as slaves, leaving the best behind?

    Let's face the fact that the best were taken, we are descendants of the chaff and that is why we cannot live at peace with ourselves and cannot exploit our potential to the full.

    I wish to suggest that if Africans were evolving at the same pace with Europeans, then those Africans who had attained a high evolutionary level; both social and biological, were taken away as slaves and only chaff remained.

    (end of citation)

    Deeplink to text on site:

  • Africa has to get new breed of humans (Opinion) By Ssekitooleko Deo, january 2000
  • In some way I find it sad that a learned African thinker is publishing such a denigrating text about his own race. But, anyhow, there is some truth in his publication. Many fieldworkers from aid organizations have explained that they discovered in practice that the majority of the Afro people are indeed less intelligent. What must we do with all these stories?

    I must say that the Afro race was also designed and created by Altecrea, to exist on this wrecked planet. I have met many intelligent Afro people during my lifetime, so this race can develop itself. The biggest problem nowadays in Africa are the weak political systems and the corruption of African leaders and politicians. They have destroyed Africa.

    However, creatures that are less intelligent are not able to defend their rights and interests and can easily be suppressed or exploited. And that is happening all over Africa. This means that it could be true that the majority of the African people are not very intelligent and that they have no surviving power anymore. If this is true than there is a dire need to upgrade the whole Afro race, within a few generations. Selecting sperm from all intelligent men in all countries outside Africa and injecting it in all fertile Afro women could be one radical solution, to upgrade this race within two or five generations. Even the United Nations would have to be involved in this new way of giving development aid to African people. Ethics must be left behind in this case, because it is already a fact that many Afro women are longing for intelligent sperm from other races, to upgrade their race. In the white nations the majority of the Afro people are rapidly mixing with other races, to upgrade their race within one generation. This is something that is really going on and can be seen in everyday life.

    In the Vedical Union the Afro race will be a minority. But they will not be suppressed or annihilated unnaturally. They will be upgraded genetically within ten generations by mixing them with all other people, in a Vedical way. This means that they will have to marry with other races and produce less Afro offspring, till they are completely Vedical or Hindu. This whole process will be done without any violence, and they will anyhow, always have equal rights and opportunities in the Vedical Union, as an important part of the Vedical family on this planet.

    11. Participation of the Chinese communistic Empire

    The Chinese communistic empire of our present time is very strong and growing. Chinese people are very proud of their country and race. However China is not a Vedical country yet and many Chinese do not have a religion or advanced life philosophy. They just live only for money and lower needs, just like the white Western people. This means that they need to be civilized by Vedical people. Gurus and rishis from the Vedical Union will have to spread the Vedical Dharm in China to civilize them and bring more peace and harmony.

    One big problem in China nowadays is the abuse of human rights. This suppression of the Chinese people is not good. They really got to be freed from this brutal communistic government. Special negotiations are needed to reform the political system in China and to bring more welfare to the people and freedom.

    The Chinese race is a very strong race and they are hard workers. Nowadays, Chinese people have mastered all advanced technologies, and can even build spacecrafts, submarines and advanced missile systems. However, the Chinese race is totally different from the Hindu race and they will be also be upgraded and mixed with other people, to breed a Hindu or Vedical race, in a peaceful and free manner. No force will be used to mix the Chinese people in the Vedical Union and to erase them totally within ten generations. And they will anyhow have equal rights and equal opportunities in the whole Vedical Union. They will have to adapt to the Vedical Dharm and convert to it, peacefully and become more civilized.

    Gradually China will reform and maybe it will become one of the first dimensiocracies of the next century, when my work will be published all over the world.

    12. Participation of Buddhist people and nations

    Some big Buddhist countries are Thailand, Bhutan, Japan and Vietnam. At this moment these countries, except Japan, are not very developed. Buddhism is a sister religion of the Vedical Dharm and does not differs a lot. In fact it is one of the sons and daughters of the Vedical life philosophy and it is more advanced than Islam, Christianity and the Jewish faith. The majority of the Buddhist people are also pigmented and very peaceful. However, in Bhutan there were racial tensions between Buddhists and Hindus and there were wars and ethnical cleansing, during many years. Many suppressed Hindus left this country and the whole economy collapsed. This problem must be solved, after the Vedical Union is organized.

    The people in many Buddhist countries differ a lot from the Hindu race, but they are very peaceful and they are interested in the advanced knowledge from the Vedas. This means that it is possible to assimilate them in the Vedical Union, and because of this they are free to participate and join this union. At all, the Vedical Union is a union of the peaceful and civilized pigmented people and nations in the world. Now, all pigmented people must unite all over the world, to fight the economic imperialism of the white race from the greedy and barbaric Western world. And all pigmented people must leave this Western world, within fifty years, to come and live in the Vedical Union and to be happy and prosperous.

    Buddhism is one of the religions that were peacefully spreaded around the world and that's why it is very Vedical. All poor Buddhistic nations and people must consider the participation in the Vedical Union, to get investments and many job opportunities. And it will be done peacefully, because the dignity of the Vedical people is very important. See this as a challenge for the future of mankind and especially of the pigmented people on this planet. We must unite to fight the economic imperialism of the white Western world and to end the economical genocide of our beloved people all over the world. We will prove that we will succeed in this task, without any force and without killing any white men or raping any white women, as they did during a thousand years. We pigmented people on this planet are the future of mankind. We will rule this planet and bring peace, harmony, dignity for every individual, and prosperity. After almost one century of Western imperialism many pigmented nations are wrecked, exploited, divided and raped, and now we must fight to end this injustice. People of all pigmented nations, unite and join the Vedical Union. Fight for your future, fight for the dignity of your girls and children; prevent sexual exploitation of your young girls and boys by primitive rich Western men. You all deserve better, as I already explained.

    Gradually all Buddhistic people will be converted to the Vedical Dharm, but anyhow they will have equal rights and equal opportunities in the Vedical Union. Discrimination and racism will not be tolerated. The Vedical Dharm is the only tolerant religion in our world and all people of all nations must convert to this way of living and become civilized, modern and developed. See this as the new challenge for whole mankind and do it, act, and believe in a green, clean, feminine and prosperous future for all living creatures on our planet. Together, united in the name of the holy Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita, we will save this planet and end the destruction of many living creatures. Only Vedical people were praying for tolerance and peaceful existence with all living creatures on this planet, almost some ten thousands years ago. Now we must act and unite. Every Buddhistic nation is invited hereby to join the Vedical Union.

    13. Eugenic policy in the Vedical Union

    In the Vedical Union every individual will have the right to lead a life in dignity, welfare and happiness. This means that all people must be healthy, strong, intelligent en highly developed, to build a strong nation and race. Healthy food will be provided and all people will do yoga exercises and meditation to be able to work and produce as much as possible. Basic rights of babies, children, women, girls and men will be guaranteed by the government and the army. Bad and criminal people will be banned or locked up in working camps.

    The Vedical Empire will be builded to exist for at least ten thousand years. However the holy Vedical scriptures already predicted that after the year 2012 a new era will start in Kali Yuga, called the Golden Age of Kali Yuga, and then the Vedical people from all nations will rule this world and bring peace, tolerance, mental happiness and harmony. All wars will be ceased under their governance. The United people of the Vedical Union will do research to improve the human race and to develop more efficient intelligent creatures, which are better than the old human species. With advanced genetic technologies the human race will be improved in future in the whole Vedical Union. For this there are many possibilities.

    For example, meat consumption is in fact not efficient. It will be possible in future to manipulate genes, so that intelligent humans can eat and digest raw vegetables, without any cooking, just like cows and sheep. Then less energy will be needed for cooking. Theoretically there are many possibilities to make humans more intelligent, more peaceful and more efficient. And with the knowledge of the Vedas such strong creatures will never do harm to the other species on this planet or to their fellow members.

    Nowadays there is no eugenetic program organized by any government in this world and offspring is not produced in an efficient way. There are too many sick children and even in the rich Western world many young people have an unhealthy lifestyle. I cannot believe this at all. The real cause of these problems is the mental emptiness of many people in all the developed nations. Only knowledge from the Vedas and other holy Hindu scriptures can solve these problems and that's why we must work on building the Vedical Union, which will lead whole mankind toward a new future.

    Producing healthy offspring must be controlled by laws, funded in the legal law books of the government. Even the unborn child will have basic rights, to live and be born as a healthy individual, without any prenatal diseases. There will be special laws for women who want to become pregnant or who are already pregnant, just like eating good things, not smoking, non consumption of alcoholics, no drugs and even mental exercises to prevent aberrations of the child in the whomp. But the laws will go even farther. Only healthy and fertile girls and women between fourteen and thirty-five will have the right to become pregnant and to bear a child. And only healthy men between these ages will have the right to inject their seed in the fertile female body, to raise offspring. Medical science has already proved that older women are not suitable to bear healthy children. Because of these scientific facts, all women who are older than thirty five will be sterilized, to prevent unwanted pregnancy, while having sex with there many friends.

    The Vedical logics of this eugenic policy will be explained now. The soul (atman) must also have the right to reincarnate in a healthy and intelligent human body, to get a fair chance for enlightenment and liberation from the wheel of birth and dead. That's why the government of the Vedical Union must guarantee the souls, that there are enough good human bodies available, and because of this there must be an eugenic policy. With upcoming medical technology it will be possible to detect diseases and genetically malfunctions, while the fetus is still underdeveloped and to end the pregnancy, if the chance is too big for an unhealthy or corrupted child.

    But, after some centuries Vedical researchers will develop synthetically whomps and then men can choose for a natural birth by a female or by a machine. Women with busy jobs will then be relieved from bearing a child themselves and can use these machines. The Vedical government will then be able to control the population growth and make highly efficient humans, to give the souls more opportunities to reincarnate in perfected bodies.

    However, the government will not totally control the sex life of the people. There will be only rules while being pregnant and not while having sex, with any person one like. People must enjoy all pleasures of the body and mind, while being young, to give the soul the opportunity to purify it's karma. This even means that there will be very fair rules for showing your love for someone or for more people in public. And this means that even marrying with more than one person will be allowed by law, in spite of gender. So, this means in fact that girls and women can legally marry with more than one man at the same time, and that they are free to organize their love life as they wish. Even the fade out marriage will be legalized in the Vedical Union, which means that the marriage will automatically be ceased after a predetermined period by law. However, it is not expectable that all Vedical girls will marry many men and have sex with them, because there are many types of people and many cultures in the Vedical Union. Total toleration and protection of public, slutty and whory girls is one proof of civilization in a society. There is a need for this because the genetically deviation of girls is almost unlimited and sometimes it is the karma of the person self, to become a cheap, public fleshly pleasure and to purify the karma of many men by granting them free sex.

    The Vedical government will teach the young people to carefully select their mating partners and only to marry with suitable people. By law, it will not be possible to marry with your family, till the seventh grade. Also it will be seen as a violation of the law, when a girl gets pregnant by someone who is a family and then the pregnancy will be ceased anyhow. The government will control all these things through genetic information banks.

    Raising healthy offspring is very important in the Vedical Union, because this empire must rule the world and protect all living creatures against the greed and needs of mankind. One method to prevent inbreeding is to let fertile young men marry with girls from far away, outside the Vedical Union and even from an other race. In fact this means that the Vedical Union will be the ideal melting pot for the whole human race and will grow during a long time, to stay dynamically. All healthy Afro people will marry white people, to raise pigmented offspring, who will then mix further to become totally Vedical and pigmented. The interracial and intercultural marriage will be a very important way to create a strong Vedical race, which can rule the world for ten thousand years.

    14. Islamic people in the Vedical Union

    A lot has been written about Islamic people and the Islam, but what is the truth? Consider that about eighty percent of Islam was derived from the Jewish faith, and think why we must still blame Muslims? Actually, we must blame the Jews for all the crimes of terroristic Muslims in our time. Islam is now hijacked by Israel and the USA, but Muslims are blamed all over the world and hated. All over the world people hate Muslims. They are just the underdogs of the world. There is a huge lower underclass of Islamic people in all Western nations. They are discriminated, hated and get the lower jobs or are victims of racism and prejudice. In the Netherlands the biggest Muslim hater is Geert Wilders from the Party of Freedom (PVV) and maybe he will be voted to power during the upcoming elections. Maybe this man will start a Holocaust against Muslims in whole Europe, within ten years.

    In fact many Islamic nations are very poor and the people are suppressed by extremistic Muslims, who control the army and the government. In all Islamic nations the people suffer a lot and many people are killed, raped and tortured. Basic human rights are neglected and women and girls are just lower born creatures. Islamic extremists killed millions of innocent Muslims during their wars in their own countries. Is this Islam? Is this what Allah wants?

    Quite a lot of the Islamic people are pigmented or colored in some way. Certainly, the majority of the Muslims are not whites and nowadays they do not belong anywhere. Nobody wants more Muslims in their country. But, for me Islamic people have the right to live in dignity and prosperity. And if they want, there must be a legal way out of the misery of Islam. Even in Iran many people are bored with Islam nowadays and they sure would like to leave it.

    In some way Islam has some Vedical aspects. In fact pre-Islamic nations and people were completely Vedical, or call it Hinduistic. Even after the islamisation the people kept something of the Vedical culture, but their historical memories and pre-Islamic identity were erased by the radical Muslims, who burned and destroyed all pre-Islamic books and knowledge. Maybe, now we must give them back their ancient Vedical knowledge and convert them to the Vedical Dharm. There is nothing wrong with believing in Allah, it's only not good to kill innocent people in the name of Allah, because this is the proof of a false religion. All people in Islamic nations must think about these things I am writing now.

    One of the good things which Mohammed said was that no one could be born as a Muslim. One can only become Muslim by a public declaration, with a clear consciousness and at a matured age. This means in fact that children who were born in Muslim families are never Islamic by birth. We all must consider this and think about reforming Islam. Allah can simply become one of the many gods or devtas in the Vedical Dharm and it can easily be assimilated into it. The old Quoran is not complete, and it is wise to rewrite it. Composing a Vedical Quoran, with many verses from the Vedas could be one way of reforming all people in all Islamic nations. All dangerous jihad verses must then be removed from the old Quoran and this new book must become the new official holy book for all people in the Islamic world. The old Quoran is in fact a Jewish book and it is totally false. Muslims must become pure, enlightened and Vedical, to join the forces of the Vedical Union. This is the best thing I can give to all people in all Islamic nations.

    Reforming Islam is already done by the Ahmaddya and the Sufis. They can easily join the colored people in the Vedical Union and live peacefully. But sick, hateful, aggressive and terroristic Muslims will not be tolerated in the Vedical Union. If they are doing suspicious things, then they will be locked up in prisons and get medical treatments with chemicals and Vedical mantras to learn to think more peaceful and to grow spiritually. Of course the total destruction of the material body is not allowed in the Vedical Union, but transforming the mind and the conscious is anyhow totally legal.

    All suppressed girls and women from Islamic nations will be invited to live and work in the Vedical Union and to marry with Vedical men, to give birth to Vedical children. Females are not violent and there are only a few terroristic women in the Islamic world. Women already have the knowledge from the Vedas by birth and that's why they can easily be assimilated by the people in the Vedical Union, to live in happiness, freedom and prosperity.

    15. Free open borders for young fertile girls

    It is my dream that the Vedical Union will become the most advanced melting pot for all people of all race and nations on this planet. But the mixing of all genes of mankind will be done in a Vedical way. The Vedical marriage will be very important to stabilize families and the whole society, and to raise healthy and stable Vedical children. This is the concept of the Dharmical mixing of all people in the Vedical Union. Slowly and gradually all genes will be mixed within ten or hundred generations and then only people of the pure Hindu race will live in the whole Vedical Union.

    But for the melting pot concept we will need the fresh genes of all fertile girls of the world. Because of this the borders of the Vedical Union will be open for all fertile girls and young women of the world. All these females can freely migrate to the Vedical Union to work, live in peace and to marry with the healthy Vedical men, to raise new mixed offspring. Young girls can easily be converted to the Vedical Dharm, because as I already explained, every girl is naturally born with the knowledge of the Vedas.

    Girls and women of all nations were always peaceful, but were suppressed, raped and tortured by the false Abrahamical faiths. The Jewish faith, Christianity and Islam are not good for girls and women, and must be abandoned by them all over the world. The best religion for girls and women is the Vedical Dharm, because it was also made by them, since the dawn of human civilization. Now they must revive their old religion and build a new world. Females never waged wars and never killed or raped other creatures and that's why they are Vedical by nature. Every girl must learn this and choose for the eternal spirituality of the Vedical Dharm in the Vedical Union.

    16. Is the Hindu race superior?

    Now, only after one decade of capitalistic growth, India is emerging as an economical world power. But, India was already a giant before, during almost ten thousand years. Some scholars even think that the Indian civilization is older than nineteen thousand years. India is the root country of people of the Hindu race and basic inventions were made by people of this race. The Hindu people never killed, raped, enslaved or tortured people of other nations, even while they were always the victims of them. The growth of India is now steady and they are ready to conquer the world. But India must think strategically and embrace the concept of the Vedical Union, as a super fusion nation, were the majority will be people of the Hindu race.

    I do not like the idea of a superior race, because it is totally wrong. People are individuals with unique genes. No race is superior and I will explain this. Nowadays many people see the welfare and productivity of the white countries and think that the white race is superior. But why do whites have written no advanced holy books, like the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Puranas, etc? Are whites genetically handicapped? During the colonial time white Christians were ruling the world and they got all their wealth by stealing, killing, slavery, massacres and plundering. Now, the white nations are still very wealthy, but how?

    It was Adolf Hitler who was the inventor of the totalitarian mobilization of a whole nation. Germany was one of the poorest countries of Europe after the First World War and it is amazing how Hitler developed his country to become one of the strongest nations of Europe, within one decade. Sure, maybe Hitler was a genius or the real prophet of the Jews. In the nazi empire the concept of mobilization of all powers and people was invented. And after the Second World War all white nations learned from it and mobilized their whole country for growth. Hitler invented the concept of mass communication and mass indoctrination. And nowadays all white nations are using his mind controlling methods. Whites are still using technologies, concepts and ideas of the Nazi Empire of Adolf Hitler and that's why I conclude that all white nations have embraced Nazism. All whites are being drowned with nazistic ideas, ever since their youth and they fight hard to be the superior race and to steal all the resources, wealth and brains from the pigmented people.

    I already explained the concept of economical imperialism by the white countries and how they are slowly committing an economical genocide of all pigmented people on this planet. In all old African empires the people believed that whites are demonic creatures and only want to destroy all pigmented people. Whites have no civilization and only became rich by stealing and looting the pigmented world. Till today white people are all racists and they hate all pigmented people, even when they are having dirty sex with their young virgin girls and boys. What must we, pigmented people, do with the wicked and demonic white race in future?

    Total mobilization is the secret of the success of a nation and race. All pigmented people must do this and develop the power of their people. Equal opportunities, equal rights and dignity for all people of the nation and race, is the secret of welfare and prosperity. Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, The Caribbean, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam, and all other countries of pigmented people must learn from the nazi empire of Adolf Hitler, just like the whites did after 1945. Develop your people to develop your nation. Unite the people and mobilize all powers.

    I will never state that the Hindu race is superior, because I believe in the unique design theory of intelligent creatures by Altecrea. Advanced and superior human bodies are needed for the liberation of all the souls, which reincarnate in it. If one individual of a race is a genius or highly superior in any way, it does not mean that his whole race must be superior. This is the way racism works and I do not want to support this way of thinking about the micro, meson and macro creation of Altecrea. Use the power of Altecrea to develop the spiritual strength in your inner world and live in dignity, by not harming the other non-intelligent creatures on this planet. This is the real concept of superiority in the eternal Vedical Dharm and all intelligent creatures must learn from it and apply it in practice.

    Real Vedical superiority is realizing that you must share all wealth, all food and all power in the world, with all your friends. Transform enemies to become friends, by helping them to grow spiritually and to get inner peace. Give them pure knowledge from the Vedas and other holy Vedical scriptures and they will forever be thankful. Enemies have no inner peace and concepts of hatred and violence are always false, without spirituality and inner peace. Learning to share is the highest wisdom of the Vedical Dharm and that's why the whole world must become Vedical as fast as possible. Only a totally Vedical world will be peaceful, without enemies, vengeances, conflicts and wars. Therefore we must convert the whole world to the eternal Vedical Dharm, without wars and armies. We must use all mass communication tools to achieve this as fast as possible, otherwise the destruction of the defenseless species will go on and we all will be the losers. Talking is nice, but now we must act. In the Vedical Union actions will speak louder than words.

    17. Masscale conversion to the Vedical Dharm: Vedistanis

    The verb Hindu was derived by the Arabs from the name of the river Sindhu. After the crusades the white Europeans discovered this verb. And after the seventeenth century British intellectuals used it to name the many religious movements in India. After only one century almost all people in India were calling themselves Hindus and India was united in one main religion, in the eyes of the whites and the Arabs. In fact the verb Hindu is totally wrong for the many religions of India. But what must we do about this?

    All old religions of Indian people are in some way derived from the Vedical knowledge, which is, as some researchers say, the oldest in the world. Many researchers from Europe and America also have discovered now, that the Vedas must be the oldest written books of the world. Even I was surprised to read this. About almost twenty years ago I developed the verb Vedistani people to name myself, as a believer in the Vedas and their knowledge. Maybe, we must erase the verb Hindu and replace it by Vedistanis, because this is more correct, in a historical sense.

    Now I will give some abstract definition of the verb Vedistani.

    A Vedistani is an intelligent creature, with a body, either material or immaterial, who has the eternal knowledge of the Vedas, partially or totally, and who believes in it, and also apply it into his/her daily life. The Vedical knowledge must be embedded in the mind, spirit and soul of such a creature, which can be a human from planet earth. Race and gender are irrelevant for naming someone a Vedistani, because it is only a mental state of the mind and the conscious.

    Consider that there were never crusades, witch killings, slavery, organized ethnical cleansing, or massacres in India, mutually between the Vedistani people. However there were ethnical cleansing and killings of tens of millions (some researchers state 90 million) of Vedistani people in India by the Muslim rulers and the white British soldiers, who ruled India for almost 1400 years. During the partition of India there were bloody fighting and killings of many people in India and Pakistan, between Vedistanis and Muslims. The massacres and ethnical cleansing continued in Pakistan after the partition and a few millions of Vedistanis were killed, raped or forcible converted to Islam. But Vedistani people did not massacred Muslims in India, till today.

    As I already wrote, Islam is in fact a Jewish faith and Muslims must consider this very well. In the Vedical Union there will be Islamic people, who believe in Allah and the Vedical Quoran, but they will also be totally Vedical, and absolutely not terroristic or radical. It will however be allowed that someone is partially Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhistic, Bahai, Hindu, Dewanist or whatever and wholly Vedically, by the way of living, behaving and thinking. Tolerance will be very important in the Vedical Union. Developing a super fusion state of mind is also very important, to learn more and to grow further spiritually. Aggressive and offensive faiths will however not be tolerated and all radical or suspicious persons will be sent to jail, to learn to think more Vedically, and to get a second chance to purify their soul.

    People from many nations and countries will live in the Vedical Union and they will all gradually become Vedistanis and be converted, without force. People will be free to choose their own religion and way of living, but they will however learn all knowledge of the Vedical Dharm, by special courses. Slowly and gradually all people and newcomers in the Vedical Union will melt together and become totally Vedical. Genes from all people will also fuse together, in a Dharmical way, through the respectful Vedical marriage, to develop a strong, healthy, intelligent and of course pigmented Vedical race in the Vedical Union of the far future.

    The whole world will learn that the eternal Vedical knowledge was given by Brahman to all intelligent creatures on this tiny, wrecked planet, and everyone will be able to convert to the Vedical Dharm with their heart, to become a Vedistani, partially or totally, as by free choice and with a full conscious. Vedistani people have one holy mission, and that's saving the planet and their holy nation, the Vedical Union. Whenever someone will name him/herself a Vedistani, he/she will immediately become a Vedistani and be welcomed in the Vedical Union, to live in peace, harmony and prosperity. People from all nations will always be invited to join the Vedical family on this planet. For this purpose the Vedas will totally be translated to all languages of the world, to spread the Vedical knowledge and to save this tiny, wrecked planet.

    18. Investment money from giant India, green economy

    As India is developing now to become an economical giant there is a dire need to over think the concept of welfare and development. In the Vedical Union all people love the nature and they respect it. Destroying nature will not be allowed in this union. Even the old Vedas say that nature must be protected by all intelligent Vedistanis. Because of this the whole concept of modernization and westernization must be reconsidered. Mistakes made by the traditional Western white world must not be repeated in the Vedical Union.

    In the white Western world people only live for material greed and needs. Western capitalism has failed totally and the whole white world is disintegrating nowadays. The real reason for this all is the rotten, dirty and polluted mind of the white Western people in their sick and narrow-minded world. Because of this, one can proof that the white race is genetically handicapped and is definitely not the superior race on this planet. Many white people of nowadays are mentally aberrated, crazy or sick. Even the white Christian faith is totally sick and childish in our time and must be wiped out from our world. White people have become longer, but their brains are shrinking now and they are behaving like small, stupid children. The materialism of whites can destroy the whole world, and that's why we pigmented people must work hard to prevent this, for the sake of all other defenseless creatures and species on earth. We must repigment all whites as soon as possible, to save this planet.

    In the Vedical Union it is very important to invest in green technologies and all people will welcome this idea, even if they will have to pay more money for it. People in the Vedical Union will learn to control their material needs and to choose for the wisest things in life. Greed will slowly disappear in the mind of all Vedical people and they will then share their wealth and food with all other people of the world. In the future Vedical people will control the whole world and they will invest only in green technologies, to save this tiny, wrecked planet. Many scientists have already proved that it is possible to develop a hundred percent solar economy, solely with the (primitive) technology of our present time.

    The whole concept of westernization will be reconsidered by all people in the Vedical Union. The wise and intelligent pigmented Vedistanis will not make the same mistakes as the stupid white people in the doomed Western world. Slowly on Europe and the United States of America will totally be dismantled economically, to die out and to be of no importance in the far future. Then only Vedistani will rule the world.

    The economy of the Vedical Union will grow very fast. But after the year 2500 it will be so powerful that money will become too expensive and it will be wiped out in the whole Vedical Union. Then money will not exist anymore in the Vedical Union. And then Vedistanis will totally control all their material needs in a totalitarian knowledge economy, where people will all be spiritual and live only for the millions of Vedical Gods and Goddesses. By then people will live to develop and sacrifice advanced knowledge to Altecrea.

    19. Vedical people colonizing Milky Way

    After about two hundred years Vedistanis will have complete cities on the moon and will systematically colonize the whole solar system. Their technology will be very advanced and then after some two hundred years more, they will be able to start the colonization and exploration of the whole Milky Way. They will build huge space ships, with nearly a million Vedistanis on board, to travel to far star systems and to make them habitable.

    Spaceships will have to be very huge and will be constructed in space stations. Special databanks of all genes of all people on earth will be on board, when these spaceships will travel to far star systems and earth like planets in deep space. The traveling time of such spaceships will last for several thousand years and many generations of Vedical people will pass away, before they will reach the alien worlds and colonize it. Special synthetically whomps will control the birthrate on board of these huge spaceships.

    And after some thousands of years there will be one hundred billion Vedistanis in the whole Milky Way. Then in that far, far future the Vedical Union will rule the whole universe.

    20. Conclusion

    The concept of the Vedical Union could be very interesting for all pigmented people on our planet. Actually in our present time Hinduism is the most advanced, peaceful and richest religion of all humans. All Hindus must consider my analysis of the Vedical Union. And they must also consider calling themselves Vedistanis, because the verb Hindu is historically incorrect.

    Building the Vedical Union will take some time. As India is growing, the need for a Vedical Union will increase with time, if the critical size will be reached of the Indian economy, to take a look behind the borders. But India must think twice, before aping the whites of the Western world and destroying her own old culture, traditions, religions and Vedical Dharm. Nowadays the whole white world is in a deep crisis and many whites are mentally aberrated, sick or crazy. This could be the hard proof that white people are not the superior race and that, although they are becoming longer, their brains are shrinking. This race could be genetically handicapped, if all their crimes and bad deeds are taken in consideration.

    India must consider to develop a green economy, as fast as possible and invest in solar technology immediately. Scientists have already proven that the sun can give us enough renewable energy for a few billions of years, and that we only have to invest in this green technology. Maybe this is the biggest challenge for all Vedistanis, who actually are living in India and other countries with a Hindu population. Total mobilization of all Vedistanis will be needed to develop the Vedical Union within fifty years.

    In the Vedical Union all people will live in harmony, peace and they will be free to choose their own way of living and existence. People will also be free to choose their own religion, but aggressive and offensive individuals and organizations will not be tolerated, especially if they disrupt the other people in the Vedical Union. Conversion is nice, but it will not be tolerated, if lies are told. All people in the whole Vedical Union will learn the eternal wisdom of the Vedas and all their genes will fuse together, within ten or more generations, to raise a new pigmented, strong, intelligent and peaceful Vedical race, even with some eugenic technology.

    The Western democracy has failed in our present time and is totally corrupted. Because of this and through my research, I have developed the concept of the dimensiocracy, as a logical evolution of the Western democracy and I will reveal this knowledge from Altecrea within three years. The Vedical Union will maybe become the first dimensiocracy in the future. It is also possible that the Vedical Union will become the first totalitarian knowledge economy in the far future and that the concept of money will totally be changed and even be wiped out.

    The Vedical Union will not accept the dirty and rotten Western currencies, but will only accept payments in pure gold, silver, titanium, or other valuable metals and goods. The economical imperialism of the white world will not be tolerated and will be dismantled.

    In the Vedical Union young fertile girls from all nations will be welcomed, with open borders, to work and to marry with healthy Vedical men. The genes of these girls will then be assimilated, to develop an advanced pigmented Vedical race in the future.

    21. Disclaimer Dewanand
    This text, with sacrifice code wfor2012, is a pure sacrifice of sathvic knowledge to Altecrea and is inaccessible, so there can be derived, neither rights nor obligations, out from it, because it is the same as prasad and it is holy.

    Find more information on the web:

    Where is the valorous Hindu race?

  • http://www.sanghparivar.org/where-is-the-valorous-hindu-race
  • http://www.sanghparivar.org

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