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Critical Podium Dewanand


Interview with Dewanand about book koran forbid or rewrite on site www.alukah.net

Sacrificer           Dewanand
Sacrifice code       wfor1296
Sacrifice date       May 5, 2012

By Abdur-Rahman

First published on site

  • http://www.alukah.net
  • May 5, 2012

    Dewanand and Abdur-Rahman Abou Almajd talk about the book Koran: forbid or rewrite. This book was developed by Dewanand and published by Strategic Book Group. It is available on Amazon and all other online book stores in your region.

    I found myself most recently focusing on the Koran primarily because
    so many are attacking it.

    We have a fresh opportunity to reflect about The Koran: and more
    particularly its role in the public square. At this point Dewanand
    Hindu writer and researcher, who is going to speak about his views on
    The Koran.

    He grew up in Surinam and at age twenty went to Holland to study at the University for Technology in Delft. He now lives in Delft, Holland. He has published numerous books in Dutch and these can be found on his website, www.dewanand.com.

    1. I wonder what made you focus on Koran?

    To be honest, my mother was a Muslim woman and I was raised as a Muslim boy in Surinam. My father was a famous doctor and he came from a Hindu family. At young age my parents divorced and my mother raised me alone with many hardships, in sadness, in hatred, loneliness and poverty. My mother wanted me to become a good Muslim and she wished that my wife was a decent Muslim girl; however this never happened and now she doesn't live anymore and never could hold any book of her poor small boy of the distant past. She died in Surinam in the year 2002 and I was too poor and sick to attent her funeral, and I also do not know where she was buried. I wrote this book to honour my Muslim mother and to understand Islam better for the benefit of mankind and all other creatures on this planet. In my book I want to go beyond all limits and think backward and forward in time to understand what Islam is and what it is not. So many people oppose Islam nowadays and they blame it on the Koran, but what is the real truth about this all and what are the fruits of the real Islam for all of us? My views could be alien for common people of our era, and I do not want to tell lies about any religion or faith. Islam existed before my appearance (my birth in 1966) on Earth and it is my wish to let it exist after I will disappear ( my death in future if Altecrea or Allah will sent their last angels to me).

    2. How did you discovered the Koran?

    My uncle in Nickerie, Surinam, had one Koran and some times I read some things in it, when I was young. Later in my life I started buying more books about islam and read them all in Dutch and English. I always knew that everything of Islam was written in the Koran and I wanted to know more.

    3. I wonder about your copies of Koran translated by whom.

    My first copy in English of the Koran is one of the Penguin Classics. Translated by N. J. Dawood, who was born in Baghdad and this version was published in 1956 and one million copies were sold of it.

    Comment of Abdur-Rahman Abou Almajd
    Robert A. Campbell just told me The early editions of Dawood's
    translation changed the order of the surahs and interpreted certain
    verses in a way that made Islam appear quite violent. In response to
    his critics, he made several changes in his translation, but overall I
    find that he does not give adequate respect to the structural and
    thematic integrity of the Qur'an. His translation has been very
    popular over the years, but I do not recommend it.
    You should focus on Pickthall, Yosuf Ali , Abdel Haleem and Saheeh
    International to know it well.

    4. Some interesting points of your book is (PV), Could you elaborate on
    it, please?

    The PV theory is something of my theoretical research and it means Psychological Vector Theory. I developed the PV Muslim scale in the first chapter of my book to define the PV levels of being a positive Muslim, a zero Muslim and a negative Muslim. In this way I wanted to end the stigmatisation of all Islamic people and tell the world that we humans are very complicated creatures, with a big brain and infinite mental levels of existence. I hate black and white thinking and I think that my theory can end this. In science it is necessary to develop an abstract model to understand things better, with some kwantification and data analysis. It is possible to measure all data on every PV Muslim level and to digitize it, to understand the mental level better. In this way it is possible to know exactly how much knowledge or digitized information from the Koran is embedded in the mind and memory of anyone on any PV Muslim level. Then it is possible to simulate this and to increase the efficiency of pure Islamic thinking.

    5. You say you wrote your work to make sacrifices to Altecrea and to
    show concern for all living creatures, Could you elaborate on
    sacrifices, please?

    In the introduction of my book I tell about my past and how sick I was. During one of the darkest days I really wanted to die and asked the energy of the universe to take me away and end my life. Then that day in 1994 something appeared in my life and gave me new energy to live further. During the following days the word Altecrea came into my mind and it is an acronym of Almighty Technical Creator. I started writing things about Altecrea and I went on further for years and published one book in Dutch about this phenomen in my life. I studied the Bhagavad Gita and read in it that the highest sacrifice is knowledge and not your body, food, money or a flower. Since that day I started developing knowledge to sacrifice it to Altecrea and it motivates me to think beyond all limits of space and karmic time. You can see my book and all my writings as sacrifices to Altecrea during my life on this planet. Till today I do not think it is Islamic or Hinduism what I am doing. It is just something I do as one of the living and mortal creatures with big brains on this planet in a human body. I do tell people that I am working on some sort of futuristic way of believing, thinking and living and I call it Dewanism.

    6. Why do you think the Koran is the deeper abstract cause of terrorism?

    I make it clear in my book that at the higher PV Muslim levels in the range 750 till 999 individuals can become terroristic and then they can do awful things, such as suicide bombings. These people focus only on the violent phrases of the Koran (jihad verses) and that motivates them to kill innocent people and also many decent Muslims, who never do wrong things. Saying or claiming that all of the Koran is bad and terrorism is wrong, especially if you have studied this scripture and you know the spirit of Islam and the real history.

    However, I also make it clear in my book that there was a long era of christian terrorism and we call this now the period of 600 year colonialism. According to estimations of researchers these white European christian terrorists killed 600 million people and they committed genocides, negro slavery and crimes against humanity. I tell these things also in my book and I also wonder why the Bible has not been forbidden yet in all former colonies all over the world. I want to be honest to all islamic people, who never committed crimes or did bad things and hope my views are honest and correct.

    One other thing about terrorism is the problem of Al Qaeda, of the late leader Osama Bin Laden. We must investigate if Al Qaeda represents Real Islam and I would like to talk to learned islamic scholars about this problem in the islamic world of intellectuals. Many people think nowadays that Islam is only Al Qaeda and it is only terrorism, but I think that this underground organisation represents only 0.1 percent of the big Islamic world, so they are a minortiy organisation. In my book I do give advise to Al Qaeda to change their strategy, if they want Islamic unity and total world power, without any violence. I see these things different and think that it is natural that gangs fight for world power, just like the Americans are doing nowadays.

    7. Why do you write this book about the Koran?

    I just wanted to publish my research about religion, islam, koran and many other things in my mind in a provoking book. In one review of John Walsh he say that my book looks like a compendium of many thoughts and that´s right. Koran is a book about many things of living and existing as an intelligent mammal, and we must think further about what Koran really has to tell to humanity and what not. Islam is based on the teachings of the Koran and I think we must learn more and think further about the things that are written in the Koran, if we want to live in a world without violence and hatred. We must believe that we can learn and think for ourselves about what we need to be happy and what not. Some people will enjoy life with the Koran in both hands and other people will not have this need, and I think we must learn to accept this and live further in peaceful coexistence, till Allah will decide when we must die.

    8. Why do think Islam is some sort of neo-Nazism?

    In chapter two, with title ´Is Islam some sort of neo nazism', I do compare nazism with islam, but in my text I use the PV Muslim scale and mention the Muslim levels that are higher than 900. In this way I do not say that all Muslims are neo nazis, because I want to end the stigmatisation and start a new era for all decent Islamic people all over the world. Stigmatisation is some of the worst things that is done by the media and politicians and it could be wise to demand that they all use my PV Muslim scale in future or be punished if they say something about Islam or the Koran. Understanding people is very important before one says something in public and politicians must learn to read more books of researchers. Someone who opposes Islam and Muslims must surely read my book and use my theorems, because for me any Muslim is just one of the humanoids on this planet and they do have the same rights and needs, just like any other human. Here in Holland I am getting sick of all the stigmatisation and black and white thinking by many Dutch people, who never learned to use their brains and think further.

    9. Which texts of Koran should be rewritten?

    I am a supporter of freedom of speech and I do believe that we intelligent humans are able to think for ourself, even if we read some violent texts in an old book. That´s why I do not say to rewrite the Koran. However I think, that reinterpretation could be a better way of understanding the message from the Koran and to become a real decent Muslim. People must learn from the Koran and also study some more books of the forty million that were written since the beginning of writing. Knowledge from the Koran is not wrong and it can save your life and make you happier if you use it in the right way.

    Consider this true story about the violent and terroristic history of the Bible. William Wilberforce lived in England between the period 1759 till 1833 and converted to Christianity in the year 1785. He came from a prosperous merchant family and was a politician by age 21. In 1797 he published some editions of his book about Real Christianity and propagated a new view on the Bible. His book was also published in the United States of America in 1829 and it did changed a lot, because slavery of negro people was abolished. The Bible was not changed but only the views on it and it led to the emergence of real christians who believed that they had the real faith and were not guilty of any crimes and terrorism, as were done during the colonial era by their ancestors. Before this period non, whites, colored and black people could not convert to Christianity and the white Christians believed that they were not humans ('lower apes'), and abused them as slaves, killing hundreds of millions of them. Therefore I find it strange and stupid if non-whites of our era convert to Christianity and believe in the Bible, which was the reason of their suffering during the colonial era. This will make it clear why it is unnessary to rewrite the Koran, we humans can change our view and interpretation of the Koran and then Islam can really become a superior religion, without terrorism and violence. Someone must think about this and develop some sort of Real Islam now, just like William Wilberforce did in the distant past with the Bible, by developing Real Christianity.

    10. What do you call The criminal son of Gandhi?

    You refer to chapter 60 of my book and it is written in prose, so parts of it are fiction. Anyhow it has something to do with the partition of Mother India into three seperated states, including Pakistan and Bangladesh. This partition was one of the bloodiest revolutions of the twentieth century, even bloodier than the French Revolution. How can we be proud on something of the colonial politics of the white Christian Europeans to divide and rule the colored people, to keep them poor, stupid and dependant. Look now what the Western nations do to rule India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as poor and sick nations, forever hating each other. This is the dirty politics of neo colonialism and we must end it. Pakistan is not ruled by the people of Pakistan but by the CIA and the FBI, and in India the same is happening every day. Information agents from these organisations are infiltrated in these countries and they only want to keep them underdeveloped and poor. Is there Real Islam in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. And what is the reality of Hinduism in these countries, just look at the facts and you will know it all. In my book I have written about the Holocaust of 42 million baby girls in Hindu India during the past twenty years and I wonder if there is anything left of Hindu religion in this country that is ruled by corrupt spies from Western nations. The old Mother is dead and now the three children fight and hate each other, just like they never grew up and matured.

    11. What can we learn from the Koran?

    I refer to my answer in question 9 and hope someone will do some research about this problem. I think every book has something valuable and we must dig deeper into the texts. There are ancient Koranic texts that scholars still do not understand and maybe these could be the challenge for understanding the Koran in the future and to develop an advanced version of the Real Islam.

    12. Do you think all of the Qur'an is about killing and wars and no thing else?

    This is an interesting question and very sensitive. During my research I discovered for myself that all religions and civilizations killed many people during their wars and expansion. Therefore I do not think that one can say that the Qurán is only about killing and wars. Violence is something that all humans can do and I see this problem different. I will give some examples.

    Take a look at the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita, which are holy books for many Hindus. In these ancient books in Sanskrit the big war in Kurukshetra is described during the time of Krishna, about roughly 5000 years ago. Krishna orders Arjuna to do his duty and slaughter the enemies of Dharma, because he is a ksatriya. In these scriptures this is seen as a religious war and this proves that the Hindus or ancient people of India were the first ones to fight and kill for their religion in the name of their gods. During this war in ancient India it is written that 640 million people died and it could be the biggest war on this planet. Another example of violence in Hinduism is the goddess Kali Maata, who is the killer of demons, and who has the beheaded bloody heads of them into her necklace. This is real violence and still people do not say that Hindus are terrorists. What about the killing of 42 million (unborn) baby girls in modern Hindu India? This is a real example of terrorism of Hindus in this country.

    In the Bible and Torah there is also a lot of violence and on almost every page of these scriptures people and cattle are killed in the name of the jewish and christian god. Therefore I cannot say that all of the Qur'an is only about killing and wars.

    Consider that people only see what they want to see. People do not look at the facts from the history of mankind, but they are brainwashed by the mass media and they have not learned to think for themselves. Consider that one percent of the American population is in prison and ask yourself why no one says that America has two million christian terrorists and serial killers? In any population of human always one percent is violent and this is the same in the whole Islamic world. Why do we say that this one percent criminal people in the islamic world are Muslims? I have defined all levels of being a decent Muslim in my PV theory in chapter one and with this scientific differential view I hope to stop the stigmatisation of Islamic people all over the world.

    13. How do you think about Salman Rushdie and other anti islam writers?

    Take a look at these quotes from the Wikipedia:

    End of cold war era approx. 1945-1991

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_War

  • Publication of book Satanic Verses
    The Satanic Verses is Salman Rushdie's fourth novel, first published in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad. As with his previous books, Rushdie used magical realism and relied on contemporary events and people to create his characters. The title refers to the so-called "satanic verses", a group of alleged Qur'anic verses that allow intercessory prayers to be made to three Pagan Meccan goddesses: All?t, Uzza, and Man?t.[1] The part of the story that deals with the "satanic verses" was based on accounts from the 1st millenium (AD or AH) historians al-Waqidi and al-Tabari.[1]
    Source: wikipedia
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Satanic_Verses
  • The Clash of Civilizations is a theory, proposed by political scientist Samuel P. Huntington, that people's cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world.
    This theory was originally formulated in a 1992 lecture[1] at the American Enterprise Institute, which was then developed in a 1993 Foreign Affairs article titled "The Clash of Civilizations?",[2] in response to Francis Fukuyama's 1992 book, The End of History and the Last Man. Huntington later expanded his thesis in a 1996 book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order.
    The phrase itself was first used by Bernard Lewis in an article in the September 1990 issue of The Atlantic Monthly titled "The Roots of Muslim Rage".[3]
    My concern […] is that the mere use of the label "Islam", either to explain or indiscriminately condemn "Islam", actually ends up becoming a form of attack […] "Islam" defines a relatively small proportion of what actually takes place in the Islamic world, which numbers a billion people, and includes dozens of countries, societies, traditions, languages and, of course, an infinite number of different experiences. It is simply false to try to trace all this back to something called "Islam", no matter how vociferously polemical Orientalists […] insisted that Islam regulates Islamic societies from top to bottom, that dar al Islam is a single, coherent entity, that church and state are really one in Islam, and so forth.
    - Said , 1997, p. xvi
    Source: Wikipedia

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Clash_of_Civilizations

  • (end of quotations)

    During the end of the Cold War we see that suddenly two radical anti islam books were published by Salman Rushdie (The Satanic Verses in 1988) and Samuel P. Huntington (The Clash of Civilizations in 1996). I do not think that this is a coincidence and I do believe that it was the work of the CIA, FBI and other secret agencies in America, who were busy working on a new market for the American multi billion arms industry. America just wanted to keep on selling weapons and they developed this plot. I do believe that Salman Rushdie did not wrote his book alone and he could not invent his anti islam plot himself, because he never published anything about this before. The CIA developed the story in his novel and backed him to sell it globally through his Western publisher (Viking Penguin Inc). We will never discover how the underground gangs from America organised these things and who were the agents who worked on this anti islam plot. We see nowadays how the media is brainwashing all people and how they only publish negative things about islam and this means that there is no free press in the Western world.

    Perhaps in future after thirty years the Western world will only think about Chinese terrorism and Hindu-Indian terrorism. And in the distant future, after one hundred years they will speak about African terrorism, when Africa will bloom. Western white people only see things they want to see and that is their weakest point and the reason of their downfall and deterioration nowadays. Consider that America is the biggest producer of weapons and that the sales of arms were about 1,000 billion dollars in 2010, then you will understand how big the anti-islam business is and how important it is that the majority of the people and nations are afraid for all Muslims. During the Cold War all people were afraid for all communists and now their nightmare are Muslims. Why don't they hate the Hindus who killed 42 million baby girls in modern India and who are now the biggest serial killers of our era? Many Hindu girls hate Hinduism if they read about this and want to commit suicide.

    I do not find Salman Rushdie a really good writer and think he does not know how humans think and what they did since they existed. Real Islam can be superior in future if we develop it and remove the terrorism and holy big jihad. This is the real challenge for the whole Islamic world of the future.

    14. How do you think about Geert Wilders?

    Weird about Geert Wilders, the chairman of the Party of Freedom in Holland is that he is a mixed Indo-German man and his real hair color is black. He painted his hair white and he shaves his beard, just to look like a white Dutch man. He has a low education and never went to a university. I find it a shame for the Western democracy that Geert Wilders can get so many seats in Holland during elections, only by his anti islam agenda. I live in the Netherlands and I know that it is an advanced knowledge nation and very well developed. I believe in knowledge and to use your brains if you want to solve a problem in your society.

    Consider that the islamic people in Holland have no political power and that the majority is low educated and involved in street crimes, due to low education, discrimination and poverty. Islam has no power in Holland and they are no threat for the Dutch, even as they have a high birthrate. Another fact is that the majority of the islamic population in Holland knows nothing more about the Koran or about real islam, but still the Dutch people hate them, as immigrants and non-westerners, just like me, as a colored Hindu from Surinam. What do they really want in fact? Is it their secret right wing wish to keep Holland white and pure? It is clear that Geert Wilders has supporters from Israel and therefore I think he is just an underground agent from this country and he defends the rights of Jewish people in Holland. It is all about politics and I do not like these things, because it is dirty and people must believe in lies and learn not to think anymore.

    15. Why do you criticize Geert Wilders in your book?

    I criticize Geert Wilders because he does nothing for the real Dutch people in Holland. The majority of the white Dutch people is depressed and unhappy. According to a survey of an organisation 42 percent of the Dutch population is depressed or experienced this once in their life. Two thirds of these people were women. This proofs that the people in Holland are suffering a lot and I think that Geert Wilders is doing nothing about this. Filling the Dutch up with hatred for Muslims will only increase their unhappiness and make their life more terrible. Nowadays due to the economic crisis many Dutch people live in poverty, have high debts, eat very bad, drink too much alcohol, are addicted to drugs, are addicted to pornography on the internet or sex, have a problem with obesity, live in loneliness, are divorced, a lot of (white) girls think about suicide due to oppression and sexualisation of females and many more things. Just take a look at my book 'Holland: paradise or hell?' which was published two years ago by Authorhouse and read the facts for yourself about the Dutch Hell. Geert Wilders is only making it worse for the poor Dutch people.

    16. You've been living in the Netherlands, how did you find the society?

    After lving in Holland, a white majority Western country, I can only say these things about this kind of rich society:
    Harsh, cold, lonely, asocial, inhuman, materialistic, too white, immoral, atheistic, sexualised, high rate of mental agression a and deadly.

    In fact, as I published in my book, the Cold Holocaust started here after the end of the Cold War era and many people are suffering. There is too much racism, hatred, xenophobia, islamophobia, apartheid and discrimination in Holland and I expect it to increase, with deadly violence in future against all people who are non-whites. In future I want to leave Holland and go back to Surinam. Just like almost 70 percent of the Surinam people in Holland, I do not like the life in this white majority country.

    17. How would you find to read about the high suicide rate of Dutch girls and how people disrespect them in society?

    Consider these facts:
    Every year 1700 people commit suicide in Holland.
    400,000 people think about suicide in Holland each year.
    Twenty percent of the Hindu girls in Holland was involved in a suicide attempt. Turkish girls also have a higher suicide rate than white Dutch girls.

    Typical problems of white Western girls in Holland:
    Due to the high sexualisation, people often see them as cheap sluts and abuse them or disrespect them. Incest and rape are a big hidden problem in Holland. Many white Dutch men only use the normless young girls for rough sex and chase them away then like cheap whores after some months, without feeling pity or showing some dignity for the poor used girls. Consider this: one ripe white Dutch woman told me once that females have three holes in Holland.
    Majority of these girls do hate themselves, for being small, weak and having less braincells than white men. They feel themselves nothing worth and their female identity is confused and disturbed.
    Many girls use drugs, alcohol, smoke, behave like whores and are addicted to sex and many other perversions, from an early age. An unknown (very high) number of young white girls is addicted to webcam sex and sex chat with strangers on the internet.
    Many girls do not find themselves anything worth and they have a confused identity.
    Girls do not learn anymore to stay virgin, marry and live for their husband, children and family. This is just dead in Holland, due to the modernity, atheism and leftist culture.

    In my book I tell the story of a white Dutch girl who suddenly converted to Islam and used a headscarf. She told people that suddenly all men respected her and she was not a cheap sex object anymore and felt good. Theoretically, Islam could give white Dutch girls a strong female identity, but of course it will be natural that not all of them will be happy with the strict Islamic values and norms for girls. It is impossible to make one hundred percent of the girls happy with only one way of living and thinking. Girls are never happy all over the world.

    Abdur-Rahman: Thank you very much, Dewanand.


    It was so nice to have this interview for alukah.net about my book and to express my feelings and ongoing research. I do see things different and I want to be independant to do pure research and see the Real Islam blooming in future for the benefit of mankind.

    18. Do you have anything left to say?

    In my interview with Norm Goldman in the American Chronicle during june 2011, I said this:

    "I believe in the theory of psychological biodiversity, and because of this insight, I believe that it is very healthy to have a multicultural society with many diversified ways of living and believing. Everyone will have to learn a lot about other cultures and religions to stay healthy and to grow spiritually."
    See this link for the whole interview:

  • http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/238193
  • Because of this insight I do think that islam and the teachings from the Koran are good for any society and we just need it. I see the Koran as something that provides islamic wood for the islamic fire in our mind, heart and body, and if you add too much wood to it, it will burn and destroy you. A little bit wood from the Koran is enough and it will keep you warm and happy, if you call yourself a Real Muslim. Consider that we eat all kinds of food and we use only a small amount of the organic stuff (through the digestive organs) in it to keep our body healthy and vital, therefore I think the same organic concept applies to the Koran. Just eat only a little bit of the 'Halal meat' from the Koran to stay healty and happy if you are a Real Muslim and do not do bad things. Read the chapter in my book about a good Muslim.

    One other thing I would like to say is that I am afraid that it could be difficult to tell positive things about Islam to children all over the world in our era. There is too much negative stereotyping in the mass media about Islam and children do not like killing, rapes, wars, terrorism and violence. Therefore I think we must work harder to develop a peaceful version of Real Islam and give a good example for all children in Islamic families in future. In Islam, just as the prophet Mohammed said you cannot be born like a Muslim, but you must convert to it through the Shahada, if you are an adult and if you can think for yourself; this is one strong point of Islam and it could be the real strength of this religion in future for all people of the world. I want to work on a real scientific analysis of Islam and will inform you all if it is finished.


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