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Tortures of a Hindu girl in Bangladesh by Savitri(Salima) Pundit

Sacrificer           Savitri(Salima) Pundit
Sacrifice code       wfor0421
Sacrifice date       25 march 2009

Tortures of a Hindu girl in Bangladesh

Savitri(Salima) Pundit


I thank you for asking me that question. I DO NOT ORIGINATE from a different cultural background. Please note that that my ancestors were staunch Sanatan Dhamees living in Bengal. When our Motherland was CARVED UP by the decisions of eunuch Gandhi, Jawahir Lal and others, our place became part of Bangladesh. We were Sanatan Dharam Brahmins living in Bangladesh. My grandparents and my parents were tortured, raped, beaten up etc and forced to accept Islam.. In the quietness and security of our homes we were still Sanatan Dharmees and prayed as such. Some how the word of our prayers reached out and the Muslims were again putting us through the raping, torture, beating and humiliation etc. My mother and grandmothers committed suicide. Upon my birth I was given a Muslim name for the outside world but I was told that my real name was Savitri.

I grew up and it was known around that I was from a Sanatan Dharam background. I am a very beautiful young person because not only I know but I have been told by many people. I suffered as much as I could. At around twenty years of age I was arrested for arguing with another person and saying things not so pleasing to Muslim ears and taken to a police station and kept in isolation there for about three years. I was used as a sexual pleasure machine by the Muslim police officers. To stop me from getting pregnant a modified pump, like the one used in Faag Rangoli, was inserted into me, every day, to wash me out. At times a hose pipe was inserted to wash my female organ to stop me from becoming pregnant. This has destroyed my ability to become mother.

When I was released I met with a Canadian volunteer worker who helped me to escape from Bangladesh via India to Canada. Please do not ask me to relate how this was done. This Canadian volunteer worker was a god sent saviour for me.

When I was in Canada my Canadian saviour helped me find a place to live. I was placed on welfare i.e. receiving financial support from the government. I was living in a women's hostel. He guided me to make a refugee claim. From there I was advised to go to Legal Aid office and ask for a lawyer to help me with my refugee claim. I was told that there was going to be a hearing like a court case. The lady at the legal aid office asked me if I knew any lawyer and would like him to handle my case. I told her that I knew no one and would prefer a non-Muslim Hindi speaking lawyer. The lady searched in her computer and told me to go and see one R.D.Mishra - a Hindi/English speaking lawyer. This is how I met with my Gurujiee.

At Gurujee's office I met with his secretary - a Punjabi lady who was fluent in Punjabi, Hindi and English. She got the details of my torture and persecution out and put it all on the court documents which were later filed in court. She was very thorough about the details.

During the hearing the lawyer opposing my claim as a refugee asked me a few questions just to satisfy himself and the Judge that I was really from Bangladesh. The Lady Judge accepted me as a refugee and then stepped down from the bench and come to me and hugged me and said WELCOME TO CANADA. I broke down and started to cry and she assured me that all was safe now and that my lawyer Mr. Mishra would help me.

My lawyer Mr. R.D.Mishra (and now my Gurujee) has helped me so much.. I was invited to his home and one Saturday when I was free I went to his house. This is where I met with his wife, my present Mataji. When I saw Mataji I lost control of myself. I fell down at her feet and started crying. She reminded me so much of my beloved mother. Mataji Jee lifted me up and embraced me and hugged me. She said that she knew all about me and accepted me as her daughter. I am welcome at their house at anytime. I just asked them not to identify me to anyone. They have kept their promise.

I have always been a Sanatan Dharamee. I have learnt about Sanatan Dharam from my parents and from my Gurujee R.D.Mishra. Another person whom I credit with my knowledge about Sanatan Dharam is from the writings of my Shastri Jee Maanoj Rakhit. I very strongly recommend everyone to read the books written by my Shastri Jee. You may go to the computer and write in Maanoj Rakhit and you will get to know him.

Please kindly allow me to tell you a bit about my Gurujee R.D.Mishra. He is an old person. He would be 79 in about two months time. His view of Sanatan Dharam and Vedic literature etc is a little different from other mainstream person. One day I questioned him about something that my grandfather had told me. Guruji folded his fingers and made a fist. He lifted his fist and showed me that back of his fist and asked me what I saw. Then he said that I could not see the other side of his fist. He said I could not say whether his fingers were clenched or pointing downwards, his thumb was gripped by his fingers or was outside of it etc. I agreed that I could not see the other side of his hand. The point he made was that it is a very rare individual who tries to understand the whole fist i.e. the whole teachings of Ved, Laws of Manu, Shastra and religious literature etc. He says that he understand the myth created to convey the lesson. Now the myth has become the religion. His remark was that the Sanatan Dhamees see only one side of things i.e. the side that they have been told about or read about. Over thousands of years of repetitions and adulterations the Vedic literature passed down by words of mouth (orally before the writings were invented) has encumbered a lot of myth and parables. One has to filter through this myth to get at the real meaning of the teachings of our ancestors. By our ancestors he means the generation living before the Mahabharat war and thereafter.

You questioned me and this is my very short answer. If you or anyone else has any questions please write to me.

May I say that OM MANI PADE HUM. My Gurujee has interpreted this for me - The essence of the flower lies in the flower - it does not lie in the look, or the petals or the smell of the flower. The essence or the pearl or the gem of the flower is inside the flower itself. One has to understand what a flower is before one understands the essence in it. Similarly the pearl of wisdom of our Dharam is in understanding the essence of it...and not the parable or the myth surrounding it.

Savitri(Salima) Pundit
(I write my name like this so that everyone understand who I am. )


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