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Stages of evolution of religion through Omnitheism, Polytheism, Pantheism, Monotheism

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  • http://www.historyofjihad.org
  • Stages of evolution of religion through Omnitheism, Polytheism, Pantheism, Monotheism

    We saw the reason why religions have an stranglehold over human psyche. But this hold has evolved through various stages to acquire the dangerous dimensions it has today. Initially, after the religious consciousness got hold of human imagination, the objects of veneration were those that humans feared most, lightning, thunder, the sun, the moon, the stars, the oceans, rivers etc. This was the Omnitheistic phase, where Humans worshipped everything. By its nature, this phase bred tolerance of different modes of worship, as there was no single way of or object of worship. There was no order or boundaries of the objects of worship. This phase still exists today in animistic tribal societies which are still out of the pale of civilization.

    Gradually as the religious view was further developed, there were select objects that could be worshipped. Now the choice became limited. But still there were multiple objects being worshipped. Religion became more organized, and consequently more regimented. Rituals became more definite. But still there was tolerance of different modes of worship, as there were many modes of worship co-existing simultaneously. All ancient civilizations like those of Greece, Rome, Hindu India, Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, were at this stage of religious development. This was Pantheism or Polytheism

    The next stage of evolution of religion, was when there was a further restriction of objects of worship in on single object of worship. This was the first phase of monotheism. There was little to no tolerance in this mode of worship, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Shintoism, Taoism, are examples of this mode of worship. This was object based monotheism.

    The next phase of religion was the prevention of any object at all from being worshipped. This was abstract monotheism. Islam is the first example of this mode of worship. Other examples are offshoots of Islam, like Bahais, Durze, Ahmediyas (Quadianis), etc. This phase is not tolerant of any other mode of worship. An since the idea of a god is an abstract that is not depicted as a picture or a statue, the followers of this mode of worship have contempt for those religions which identify a god with actual man made objects. This is logical basis of Islamic intolerance of other religions. When such a religion is backed by the force of arms, it becomes tyrannical.

    The next logical phase of the evolution of the human conception of the unknown universe is atheism, where no object nor an idea is worshipped. In fact nothing is worshipped at all. In all other phases of human consciousness the common idea is about the unknown universe being misinterpreted as an unknown power that consciously regulated human endeavor. It is only the object being worshipped that differs. And even if there was no object being worshipped, the idea of worship is intact be you Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Buddhist, Hindu, or an adherent of any other. In atheism, which is a further development of abstract monotheism, the concept of worship itself is rejected. Hence atheists are philosophically intolerant of all forms of religious expression. But, if and when, they at all becomes the masters of human destiny, they need not be barbaric as the Muslims have been to eject religion from human minds. They can have refined methods of intellectual discourse supplemented with methods like administering anesthesia, inducing amnesia and re-educating the human species to evolve a synthetic but fully rationalized atheistic Man. We know this suggestion is going to be fiercely condemned and taken to pieces, but there is no other way out

    How the evolution of religion has the seeds of its own destruction

    Religion has been till today an inseparable part of the human psyche and society. We can never ever conceive, a society without religion. While atheism as a school of thought has been prevalent since ancient times and is as old as humankind itself, it was the Jacobins in France who for the first time made atheism a part of state policy. But with their mass cruelty during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror, they discredited everything they stood for, including atheism. The next experiment with Communism took place on a major scale in the last (i.e. 20th) century. Soviet and later Chinese communism did abolish religion and brought up entire generations under the new education system that did away with religion. But with the economic failure of Communism, everything associated with the Communist outlook was discredited. But communism proved that, by using state policy, it was indeed possible to abolish the idea of religion as a necessary part of the human psyche. Atheism is an idea that is still obnoxious to all religious people. Be they the neocons of George Bush's Republican Party, or the ultra-orthodox Shaas party of the ruling Likud Party of Israel, or the Hindu nationalist parties of India or the Buddhist monarchies of Thailand, or the hate driven bearded savages of the Al Qaeda. All of them would shun atheism today. But the fact remains that as theists all of them are at variance with each other, with the Muslims staging barbaric attacks on all of the rest be they Jews, Christians, Hindus or Buddhists. The rest can co-exist, while still being at odds with each other. The story is entirely different with the bearded savages of the Al Qaeda, they will either slaughter the rest of them or convert them to Islam, or better still for the rest of us, perish to the last man, with all their co-religionists all across the world once and forever.

    History will credit Islam with the final push that humankind gave to Religion

    Ironically it is in the inherent universal fanaticism of the Muslims that is articulated by the Al Qaeda that the seeds of the destruction of religion as an essential adjunct of the human psyche are to be found. Had the religions of the world been like those of the Jews, the near-extinct Zoroastrians, the philosophically tolerant Hindus, or the socially tolerant Christians, then religion would not have challenged the very existence of civilized society and then it would not be necessary of think about the demise of religion. But because of Islam matters are coming to a head. With the mindless cruelty of Islam spurred on by a paranoid mindset to convert the entire human race to Islam, this barbarous creed is going to bring about the demise of not just itself, but of all religion. And if Islam is not destroyed, the entire human race, and all life on earth might meet its end at the hands of the mindless and senseless, but ghoulish Jihadis. Islam s going to force the issue of the negative , counter-productive and destructive role of religion. All pre-islamic religions have been negative and counter-productive, but it is Islam that is out and out destructive. While all religions were hindrances to progress, no religion presented itself as an insurmountable barrier to progress. If there has to be progress then Islam has to be destroyed and if there has to be Islam, all progress has to be frozen in time to the days of 7th century Arabia when the accursed Quran was collate by that evil genius Mohammed in the Sandy wastelands of Arabia.

    In a way it is good for the long term benefit of humankind that religion has taken the form of Islam that is going to give human kind the option of Islam or progress. No other religion has ever reached these diabolical limits that Islam has taken perverted human behavior to. A mild dose of slow poison is what all other religions had been and they limited themselves to that. But Islam has presented itself to humankind as the fatal overdose of poison drinking which is going to mean the end of all progress and free thought. Islam represents all that is evil and beastly. And so the time has come for everyone on this planet to band together against Islam to give it the kiss of death. And that is bound to happen, or else it is Islam that will be victorious after which the only hope for humankind to be human in any sense would depend solely on Muslims realizing the sub-human character of Islam and overthrowing it from within, after many centuries of atrophy for the human species.

    Islam stunts all creative expression. Don't tell us that Muslims are good calligraphers, and carpet weavers. And all the advances made by Muslims in their so-called renaissance in the days of Haron-al-Rashid, were the result of the efforts of the Persian converts to Islam. Islam was born and bred in a land that due its harsh natural environment, precluded any scientific development. This progress was achieved not because of Islam, but in spite of Islam. In a milder way this holds true for all religions. But Islam is the nadir of barbaric insanity. Islam is like the case of a benign person with an unstable mind turning into a psychic maniac killer. That benign person with an unstable mind is like all pre-Islamic religions and the psychic maniac killer is Islam. Now that we have the psychic maniac killer on the lose, we need to hunt him down for the general benefit of humanity and to insure human progress. Without Islam being around, this need would not have been that acute. Even the most ardent bible thumbing popes could be neutralized and Galeleo and Copernicus's discoveries could see the light of the day. He days of witch-burning and the Inquisition could pass, and the reformation and the renaissance could come over human society. But the darkness of Islam's savagery will not go that easily. It will need a lot of help , and the help would have to in the form of a thermonuclear holocaust of a large swathe of the Islamic world. No soft options here. These words would sound crazy, today. But trust us, they will not sound crazy enough, when the Jihadis unleash WMDs and Dirty bombs and nukes on the civilized world. That day unfortunately may not be too far off. History will credit Islam with the final push that humankind gave to religion, all because Islam made it impossible for the human species to live with religion, a feat that neither Christianity, nor Judaism, nor Hinduism, nor Buddhism, could ever have achieved.

    Why has religion dominated the human psyche

    After reading all this one may ask, if religion is all that harmful, then why has it dominated our psyche. The reason is the human fear of the unknown. Religion has sought to explain or rather explain away the unknown universe with the fantasy that there is a creator (maker) and all that exists and happens in the universe is due to his will. And that we all come from him and to him we return. This explanation was psychologically satisfying as it left nothing unexplained. But the fact is that religion, in spite of its complete explanation, was based on a fantasy, that there is a god. So we can say that religion is a complete fantasy. Religion poses questions like why do we exist, where do we come from, where do we go after death. It talks of life after death and other such concepts that seem quite frightening, since none can explain them. Humankind has no answers for these. It is here that science comes into the picture, not to give fictitious answers to such questions, but to
    use all the human senses of perception to know more of the material universe of which we are a part. The scientific view gives us an incomplete understanding of reality. The scientific view is not and perhaps will never ever be able to answer all questions, that religion passes off in the name of a fictitious god.

    Religion which was a deformity before Islam, has become a calamity for the human race, after Islam came along

    All the chicanery or religion would have been tolerable had not one of them, decided to impose it on the whole of humankind at the pain of death, as that accursed creed of Islam does. So the need to wipe out Islam from the fruit to the root. While religion is a comfortable dead-end that invokes the name of a god, to explain all that is beyond human knowledge, science is an attitude that tries to understand the universe to the extent we can. Humans have to decide whether we have to keep murdering each other in the name of a fictitious god or to try to unravel the mysteries of the universe generation after generation. Suffice it to say here that the concept that there is a god is the greatest lie on earth. It has been the most cruel delusion that has afflicted humankind. But the motive force of religion being based on fear that plays upon our emotion, we develop a paranoid commitment and loyalty to our religion, and any talk against it arouses passions that call for the death for those who criticize our religion.

    This is seen in the chants like Death to the Great Satan America, Death to Salman Rushdie, etc. Religion is like ones mother, any talk against one's mother, arouses the most raw emotion and passion. There is no compromise in matters of faith, and there is no question of changing one's faith, as there is no question of compromise on anyone trifling with the morals of ones mother and there is no chance of changing ones mother. We are born to one and are bound to defend her honor from being violated. Same with religion. But talking about ones profession, no one is that possessive and criticizing ones profession does not arouse such passions. One can always change ones profession or change it, somewhat like changing ones spouse. Getting a better wife or husband is never an option beyond consideration. Same with profession. The point here is that quest gives us science and science gives us different professions, but fear of the unknown gives us faith in a power that we assume to be ruling the unknown and that gives us different religions. And on matters of faith there is no compromise. We are ready to die or kill for our religion, but never so for our professions. The point is the ideal human response should be like that it is for professions, were a choice is based on freedom, caliber, training. It is an informed choice, to which we have a rational adherence. Not so with religions, which are a travesty of human capability of judgment and usage of our faculties.

    So we can see there is nothing ethical or moral about any religion. Morality and ethics are independent of religion. But as religion gets a vice like grip on human minds, it can and has been used to inculcate ethics and morality amongst humans. So far so good. But when it is murder, race, torture, tyranny, beheading, slaughter that is inculcated using this vice like grip of religion, then religion becomes a problem. This is what Islam does most acutely, although all religions do it in a milder and manageable way. Islam crosses all limits of sanity, when the Quran asks you to slay non-Muslims, Smite their necks whenever you meet them, etc. Religion which was a deformity before Islam has become a calamity for the human race, after Islam came along.

    We need a dispassionate and ruthless mind of a hunter to hunt down to its death the man-eater tiger that Islam is, by putting the bullets between the tow eyes of that tiger, unless we intend becoming a meal of that tiger called Islam

    So where does all this leave us? With all non-Islamic religions we see the primary use of the vice like grip of religion to mainly inculcate good moral behavior amongst human. The bad part is also there, that seeks to convert the followers of other religions through missionary activity. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus all do this in varying degrees. But none of them are after each other blood, as a matter of faith. They are all noble-intentioned, but are impractical as they fail in the face of the evil-intentioned vice like grip which Islam inculcates amongst its followers. Islam teaches you to kill kafirs, to tyrannize them till, they accept Islam, to rape their womenfolk, to humiliate them. So Islam uses the vice like grip to arose raw, savage passions amongst humans. But in doing all this while the Muslims are evil-intentioned, they are also very practical and play on human emotions and human weaknesses. It is here that Atheists have to score over Islam to be practical like
    to Muslims in order to destroy Islam with a ferocity that will make the Muslims either numb or into dead meat. Ut whatever the cost we need top meet Islam's challenge with a single mind focused solely on giving death to all Muslims, till either they are all dead, or give up Islam. It is only those who have this kind of a cold practical understanding of the challenge that Islam presents and the ruthless will to carry out this intention can defeat Islam and save humankind.

    Excerpted from

  • http://www.historyofjihad.org
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