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Call For An Intellectual Kshatriya David Frawley

Sacrificer           David Frawley
Sacrifice code       wfor0272
Sacrifice date       25 march 2009

Call For An Intellectual Kshatriya


In the present scenario where people spend more time taking in media
information than interacting with other people, media reports yield
a tremendous influence on the readers' mind down to a subconscious
level. Media coverage today has an inordinate impact on the views
of the populace in general and the administration in particular.
10000 people perishing in a famine in Sub-Saharan Africa might go
unnoticed, but the killing of 10 Israelis is given wide coverage
enough to impart a 180-degree turn to the foreign policy of the
world's sole superpower.

It is in this recognition of the new global arena that has spurred
certain vested interest groups to pump in billions of dollars to PR
firms, advertisement agencies and lobbyists in an attempt to garner
public support for their actions. In this regard, Indians in
general and Hindus in particular have lagged behind considerably.
This paper aims and hopes to provide `motivation, guidance and
perhaps the inspiration' to young Indians to take up the cause of
the country through the pen and become intellectual warriors or
Bauddhika Kshatriya-s.

Dr David Frawley had first enunciated the concept of `Bauddhika
Kshatriya' in a classic article in the context of Hindu religion
[1]. The present paper extends the idea to the convergent realm of
Indian nationalism, Indian religion and Indian culture.


The modern era is, not without reason, called the Information Age
[2]. The layman is inundated by reams of information. Perception
rules over reality and packaging of the information often scores
over contents. The ability of the educational system and media to
mould public opinion is well recognized by the various pressure
groups in the world. Both M K Gandhi [3] and M A Jinnah [4]
utilized the power of the media to their maximum advantage. The
media's power is further reinforced in `trust and value driven'
Oriental societies where the media word is often accepted as the
Biblical truth.

In neighboring Pakistan, the history books were tampered with
(beginning in the Zia regime) to inculcate a feeling of hatred and
animosity towards the Hindus [5]. The ideology of Pakistan was
projected as an Islamic one and all history preceding the advent of
Islam was erased [6]. In India, the Marxist historians planted
false theories like the Aryan Invasion Myth [7] to divide the people
on a regional and caste basis. The Mughal era atrocities were
whitewashed [8] and every indigenous effort was denigrated. Our
history books of the last 50 years were modified to inculcate a
sense of self-deprecation amongst the Indian youth.

In the present context, the Hindu nationalists are attempting to
rewrite history with two foremost objectives: [9]

Indians are made aware of their glorious past and made to feel proud
of their splendid heritage. The confident Indian youth are then
enthused and exhorted to take India to the pinnacle of glory that
once belonged to it.

The mistakes committed by the Indians in the past are highlighted.
An objective post-mortem examination of the same preempts committing
the same mistake again in the future.

As David Frawley [1] points out, other cultures and traditions have
realized the power of the media to influence public opinion.
Islamic lobbies invest billions in United States to obscure the
realities of their faith as exposed by their more radical co-
religionists [10]. Another aspect of the combat in this new arena
is its degeneration into a vicious disinformation program against
adversaries or groups with conflicting ideologies. `In this contest
whoever puts out information first usually gains credibility by
defining the field. Whoever puts out information in the most
sophisticated and high tech manner has the best audience in the long run and generally the best success in promoting their agenda.' [1]

Even Pakistan and China have implemented several steps in this
direction to project their influence and indulge in a blatant
disinformation campaign against the Indians. Pakistanis control
every South Asian think-tank in the United States [11]. The very
idea of a South Asian entity is abhorrent to the author [12]. All
the positive points about India get transferred to this South Asian
bloc and in return we are saddled with the negative connotations
arising from the nefarious activities of the Pakistanis and the
Bangladeshis. While China projects the notion of Greater China [13]
vigorously, the notion of Greater India [14] is vituperatively
dismissed. The Indian elephant becomes the Asiatic elephant [15].
The Pakistani pseudo-scholars already address the Indian Ocean as
the South Asian Ocean [16]. Articles on yoga [17] and meditation
[18] in the US mainstream media no more mention India. The success
of the Pakistani endeavor is seen in the fact that the US
administration still treats India and Pakistan on an equal footing.

Within India, the Resident Non-Indians [20] have done everything in
their power to hamper national integration and destruct the unity
and integrity of our country. Every group with the initials
mentioning the words peace, justice and secularism [21] is
controlled by the Marxists who have left no stone unturned to
denigrate India and its people. The Marxists have displayed expert
coordination in their activities complementing each other in every
sense of the word. Lubricated and propelled ahead by mammon and
fame, they collude in their diabolical schemes to push India to
permanent ignominy and penury [22].

The Marxists' subversion of our history books [23] and the resulting
damage to India's psyche is well documented. They control the
English language press [24] and use it repeatedly to attack the
Indian interests. The Goebbelsian Marxists through specious reasons
projected the incontrovertible evidence of the Ayodhya temple as
nebulous [25]. The Marxist intellectuals through another display of
wizardly casuistry depicted the Narendra Modi government as anti-
Muslim ignoring the fact his administration arrested (including
preventive) more than 27900 Hindus as compared to less than 7700
Muslims [26].

It is the success of the untiring efforts of the Resident Non-
Indians that the West views us through the stereotypes of `caste,
dowry deaths, widow burning, strange cults, poverty and
superstition'. [27]

Indian gods are insulted as phallic cults, Indian beliefs are
dismissed as animist, Indian culture is denigrated as primitive,
Indian values are condemned as anachronistic, Indian heritage is
ignored as worthless, Indian people are looked down upon as
penurious. If ever there was a need for an intellectual warrior to
guard India's consciousness, pride and national interests, it is
now, it is now and it is now.

Who is a Bauddhika Kshatriya?

The venerable patriot-saint Sri Aurobindo defines a Bauddhika
Kshatriya as follows: ""[Such a person] should be absolutely
unsparing in our attack on whatever obstructs the growth of the
nation, and never be afraid to call a spade a spade. Excessive good
nature will never do ... in serious politics.

Respect of persons must always give way to truth and conscience...
What India needs especially at this moment is aggressive virtues,
the spirit of soaring idealism, bold creation, fearless resistance,
courageous attack; of the passive tamasic inertia we already have
too much." [28]

Every culture, every religion and every nation has its intellectual
warriors, who articulate its cherished values, present a favorable
view of it, challenge negative outlooks, define its present and lay
out a grand framework for its glorious future. A Bauddhika
Kshatriya would dispassionately yet aggressively defend the Indian
civilizational ethos without the fear of being named a communalist
or a fundamentalist. A Bauddhika Kshatriya would rise like a sun
dispelling the false notions circulating about India and defend her
incomparable pluralistic traditions from the onslaught of
exclusivist creeds in the economic, political and religious realm.

India's unique heritage

To define the code of conduct of such a Bauddhika Kshatriya, it is
essential to understand the unique nature of India's heritage. A
French Catholic has three aspects to his identity: his nationality
comes from France, his religion comes from Italy and his culture
comes from Greece. For an Indian religionist in India, the
nationality comes from India, the religion also comes from India and
the culture also comes from India. It is this understanding of the
convergent nature of Indian Nationalism, Indian Religion and Indian
Culture that a Bauddhika Kshatriya would seek to promote.

Today this unique tradition bequeathed to us by our illustrious
forefathers is under threat on all the three fronts. Indian
nationalism is denunciated and labeled jingoism. Even today
Ambedkarites point to the fact that Ambedkar opposed the freedom
struggle and proudly acclaim their great leader of being a `true
internationalist' instead of being a narrow minded nationalist like
Sardar Vallabhai Patel [30]. NGOs assisting poor tribals in India
are attacked and accused of funding hate campaigns [31]. Attempts
are made to ruin the cracker industry by accusing it of child labor
even if it had been removed from the scene [32]. Certain Marxist
intellectuals even exhorted industrialists to restrain themselves
from investing in Gujarat [33]. Recently a `secular Indian' English
daily gleefully reported that Indians would not support their
country blindly [34]. Another `secular Indian' daily labeled
Vajpayee's pledge to recover PoK as populist and criticized `wanton
exoneration of the army' [35]. Editors of 2 `secular Indian' English
newspapers held a press conference in Islamabad and demonized the
Delhi government as bellicose. [36] A `secular Indian' author
recently opposed the Indian claim to obtain a permanent seat at the
United Nations [37]. Another `secular Indian' author accused
Vajpayee of displaying `typical Brahminical deviousness' [38].

Indian religion is also under severe attack. Demographic studies
have underlined the rapid decline in the number of Indian
Religionists. [39] The percentage of the Indian Religionists in the
subcontinent has decreased from about 89% in the 1870s to less than
69% currently. [40] India now has the world's largest number of
Christian missionaries [41] who haven't hesitated to employ any
overt or covert means in their efforts to convert this land into a
Christian colony [42]. To add to the misery of the Indians, the
government legally takes away the temple revenues and redistributes
the money amongst the churches and the madrassas [43]. This has led
to the complete collapse of several temples and the resultant
spiritual vacuum is being exploited by vested interests [44].

600,000 Hindus were thrown out from Kashmir, which is the land of
Kashyapa, and still no one complains of genocide or a pogrom [45].
In contrast the death of 700 Muslims in a state having 5 million
Muslims was highlighted for days in the `secular Indian' media [46].
The government has failed to realize the importance of the unique
socio-religio-political glue that Hinduism employs to hold India
together as a single nation.

Indian culture is lampooned by the `secular Indian' media. Our
national song is declared `communal' and rejected [47]. Our
invocation for education like the Saraswati Vandana is mocked at
[48]. Our goddesses, whom we revere, are depicted in the nude to
insult our sensibilities [49]. Indologists publish books with
offensive language on our gods [50]. Our indigenous customs are
satirized and the people are reprimanded for continuing them. The
United Nations recently pointed out that the tradition of Vedic
chanting is on its way to extinction in this country within the
coming 30 years [51]. Our youngsters are taught the Bible before
they even hear of the Gita and the Upanishads [52]. Indigenous art,
sculpture, music, literature and dance are all on their way to
extermination within the next 25 years [53].

Code of Conduct of a Bauddhika Kshatriya

A Bauddhika Kshatriya would base his/her conduct on the great
Intellectual Warriors of the past like Adi Sankara [54], Guru Gobind
Singh [55], Swami Vivekananda [56] and Sri Aurobindo [57]. A
Bauddhika Kshatriya would assemble a team of dedicated workers to
uphold the convergent triumvirate of Indian nationalism, Indian
religion and Indian culture against this information and media
onslaught. `Such individuals must be above commercial manipulation
and self-promotion, working tirelessly to counter this
disinformation flood.' [1]

A Bauddhika Kshatriya shall be adept in the ancient Indian technique
of tarka or intellectual debate [58]. The individual must be a
perfect combination of Brahma (spiritual power) and Kshatra
(political power). The Bauddhika Kshatriya would project an
articulate and compelling intellectual view that would bring back
the alienated western educated Indian elite to its eternal roots. As
Frawley suggests, "A true Kshatriya is devoted to Dharma and cannot
be won over by name, fame, influence or money. He is not seeking
office, to create a vote bank, or to gain followers, but to uphold
Dharma without compromise or inflexibility." [1]

Swami Vivekananda had recognized the idealism in the youth and
channelised that towards the advancement of our nation. [59] Swami
Vivekananda in the east, Savarkar [60] and Tilak [61] in the west
and Sri Aurobindo [62] all combined religion with patriotism in
gallant attempts to turn Sanatana Dharma into a world cultural force
through which a notion of Greater India could be projected. The
modern Bauddhika Kshatriya would embed the solutions of modern
contemporary issues in a traditional mould and propel the
inhabitants of this great nation toward materialistic progress
coupled with spiritual fulfillment. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would
think, act and influence others.

The Bauddhika Kshatriya shall not escape the realities of modern
mundane life. He/she would transcend it with clear visionary
thinking. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would be dispassionate, calm and
still argue with the precision of a missile. The Bauddhika Kshatriya
would not fear or complain about adverse circumstances; he/she would
take the fight to the enemy camp, set the agenda and be proactive in
all circumstances. The Bauddhika Kshatriya shall be revolutionary in
outlook and would correct historical wrongs committed by the

As Frawley states, "The new intellectual Kshatriya must throw up an
ethical challenge, which is the challenge of Dharma, exposing the
danger of exclusivist religious cults, materialistic political
philosophies, and unchecked commercialism. The West throws its
ethical challenge to the world, criticizing other countries,
including India, for lack of human rights. This requires a Hindu
response, which is to expose the West's promotion of arms sales,
environmental depredation, and projection of sensate materialism all
over the world." [1] The Bauddhika Kshatriya would establish an
alternate to the current western models of science, religion and

The Bauddhika Kshatriya would objectively analyze and explain
unanswered questions like why Hindu-majority areas like Lahore,
Sylhet and Chittagong were given away to Pakistan by Nehru [63]. The
Bauddhika Kshatriya would be the messiah of Indians everywhere on
Earth [64]. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would assist the Indians in
Fiji [65], aid the Indians in Malaysia [66], enthuse the Indians in
Africa [67] and inspire the Indians in the Americas [68]. The
Bauddhika Kshatriya would emancipate the hungry millions of the
land, yet making the ideal tradeoff in the guns versus butter
choice. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would establish Ram Rajya in this
country and demolish the ant-Hindu communist conspirators mouthing
socialist shibboleths in the universities [69].

Challenges before the Bauddhika Kshatriya

A Bauddhika Kshatriya would combat the following sections of the
Indian nation.[70]

1. Mullah: This refers to the Sunni Muslim [71] elite, which
insists on a separate identity than their Indian one. The present
government spends more than 190 crores on the Haj travel in an
action devoid of any economic benefit [72]. The imam of a certain
mosque refused to pray for the soldiers at Kargil as they were
combating a Muslim Pakistan [73]. The Moplah rebellion [74] and
activities of SIMI [75] also fall in to this category.

2. Missionary: This refers to the Christian missionaries who
openly attack Hinduism [76]. In spite of Gandhiji openly criticizing
conversion [77], the activities of the missionaries have continued
unabated [78]. Using deception [79], violence [80], disguise under
cloak of school [81] and hospital [82] the missionaries have
contributed directly to the present chaos in the Northeast [83] and
the tribal hinterlands of MP and Orissa [84].

3. Minorityist: This refers to the so called secularists
dominating our landscape today [85]. The National Human Rights
Commission displayed this by raking up the Best Bakery Case while
turning a Nelson's eye to the Jogeshwari case where the accused
Muslims were acquitted for want of evidence [86]. The Election
Commission of India displayed this by postponing elections in
Gujarat, while holding it in the much more disturbed Jammu and
Kashmir [87].

4. Marxist: This refers to the extreme Chinese nationalists [88]
born as Indians merely by `accident of birth' [89]. They
successfully transformed Calcutta from a gem to a dowager of a city
within 25 years of misrule [90]. They further have left no stone
unturned in any anti-national activity in the country [91].

5. Mandalist: This category brought the Indian public sector to
its ultimate downfall by implementing time bound promotions for
certain Superior Castes/ Scientific Tribes also known as SC/STs
[92]. They destroyed meritocracy and established anti-Brahminism as
the fundamental philosophy of political life [93].

6. Mayoist: This refers to the progeny of Catherine Mayo [94],
whom Gandhi described as `a drain inspector' [95]. This category
believes that everything good in India came from outside and
everything bad is purely indigenous. They constitute most of our
Page 3 socialites.

7. Maoist: This refers to the Naxalites [96] and their fellow
journeymen who believe in a nation-less world. Their imprudent
action has only served to accentuate poverty in regions they afflict

8. Macaulayite: This refers to the Convent-educated elite
marinated for years in Nehruvian socialism. They have inculcated
several characteristics from the above listed categories. Their
legendary activities make them more Christian than the Christians
themselves [98].

9. Me, Mine, Myself: This category has never bothered itself with
any development till they are directly impacted by it. But often it
is too late for them to react when it actually comes to them [99].

10. Media: This M-factor is controlled by the above 9 Ms. This so
called secular device has done untold damage to the Indian
nationalistic feelings, religious traditions and cultural values


The modern era is characterized by several radical developments like
the deluge of information for which there appears to be no precedent
in history. This provides both an opportunity [101] and a risk
factor to the emergence of India as a great global power [102]. The
enemies of the nation have mounted an unprecedented attack on it.
Any attempt to benefit India in the remotest way is criticized
openly [103] or `stifled with silence' [104]. As the soul of India
wrenches in misery at the myriad knots the so called secularists
weave, the weave nation as a whole awaits the emergence of a new
Swami Vivekananda to lead it through these turbulent times. The hour
of reckoning of the youth of the country has come. Are the youth of
India ready for this challenge? The Mother is waiting…

The US Supreme Court in a landmark judgement pronounced that while
the American state is secular, the American country is Christian

Is there one person in this vast nation of one billion where more
than half of the population is below the age of 25 who could make a
similar statement that while the Indian state is secular, the Indian
nation is Hindu?

Is there one person in this vast nation of one billion where more
than half of the population is below the age of 25 who can stand up
and repeat the following verse by Guru Gobind Singh with pride?

"Vedahun vidit dharma pracharyun, Gohat kalamka vishva nivaryun.

Sakal jagat mein Khalsa Panth gaajey, Jagey dharm Hindu sakal bhand

(May I preach the Vedas to the whole mankind / May I remove the blot
of cow-slaughter from the whole world / May the Khalsa Panth reign
supreme / Long live Hinduism and falsehood perish) [106]

Is there one person in this vast nation of one billion where more
than half of the population is below the age of 25 who could put the
interests of the nation above all provincial, parochial and regional

Is there one person in this vast nation of one billion where more
than half of the population is below the age of 25 who could
challenge the distortions about India in the media, in the schools,
in the books and over the Internet?

Is there one person in this vast nation of one billion where more
than half of the population is below the age of 25 who could
successfully lead India to a world superpower status by 2050?

Are the youth of India ready for the challenge? The Mother is


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