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The ABRAHAMIC Supercaste system of judaism, christian and islamic / source=hindutva, written by Vishal Agarwal

Sacrificer           Vishal Agarwal
Sacrifice code       wfor0138
Sacrifice date       25 march 2009



Jews, derived from the seed of Abraham, are the 'Chosen People'.
Nothing we Gentiles do can attain for us the status of the 'chosen


In Christianity, The Believing Christians are superior to Pagans.
This supercaste system of Christianity does not leave us pagan humans
even after we die, because we 'Pagans' are condemned to everlasting
Hell, while Christians go to everlasting Heaven. The Christian
Supercaste system is also based on one's BIRTH in Christ and
according to St, Augustine, aborted foetuses and aboriginals who have
not heard the Word of Christ ALSO go to everlasting Hell.
Modern Christian sects are also like 'spiritual' castes, with each
sect consigning members of the other sect to Hell. Thus, the Baptists
would like Mormons to plunge into everlasting Hell-Fire and vice

In many Christian countries, you cannot be the President, and have
unequal inheritance rights etc.,if you are not a Christian. In
countries like Italy and Russia, Hinduism is not even recognized
officially as a religion !

'Loving' Christians are often castiest narcissistics, who love their
own religion more than other religions, their own sects more than
other Christian sects, their own Parish more than other Parishes,
their own Church more than other Churches, and often, their own self
more than others. Very often, you cannot avail of Christian love by
benefitting from schools/hospitals etc. run by them unless you join
the Christian Supercaste.

Even then, white skinned Christians might frown on brown skinned
Christians. After all, menial jobs in European monastaries, nunneries
and churches are often done by non-white nuns and monks. And
Christian God has ensured that ALL Popes in the last 2000 years are

According to an Epistle of Paul in the Bible, Christians who are
disputing amongst themselves must not go to a Judge who is not a

In a Gospel, Jesus Christ says that he was sent only to gather
the 'Lost Sheep of Israel' (i.e., the Jews) but after he died, his
disciples would spread his word. So non-Jewish people were considered
unfit to receive the 'Word' directly from the Son.


This 'egalitarian' faith divides mankind into 4 castes:
1. Momins, or believing Muslims who have the Divine Right from al-
Llah, to own all land, to have special rights over Infidels (Kafirs).
The testimony of Kafirs is worth only 1/2 that of Momins. Only Momins
can go to Heaven. Thus, both the spiritual and the mundane domain are
the fief of the Momins alone. The Momins are friends to one another,
and enemies to KAFIRS and DHIMMIS. The Momins are therefore the
Islamic Supercaste.

The Momin Islamic Supercaste have two subcastes -
The Momin Men (M&M) are especially sweet sugar to al-Llah as they not
only inherit twice that of Momin women, but also enjoy 72 virgins
(huris) and pearl complexioned wine-boys according to the Koran. Each
M&M can marry four Momin women, and enjoy any number of women
that 'his right hand possesses'.

The Momin Women, are disadvantaged due to their accident fo birth, in
that they cannot marry four M&M's, and it is unclear if they can
enjoy male virgins ('Hurrahs'?) in Islamic Heaven. According to a
Hadith, most denizens of the Hell-Fire are women. And they cannot be
Imams of mosques, nor can they go out without a Hijab, i.e,. a
garment covering their hair and also sometimes their faces, making
them faceless creatures.

2. Kafirs or Infidels: This includes all they who are not Muslims or
Christians or Jews or Sabeans, according to the Koran. According to
Sharia (the Islamic Jurispudence systems), Kafirs either pay the
Jaziya tax to practice their religion (albeit still under severe
disabilities) or are condemned to death. Their life is worth 1/15 the
life of a momin. A Muslim man may marry a Kafir woman but she has the
status of a concubine only if she chooses to continue in her original
faith. A Momin woman CANNOT marry a Kafir woman. Land that is under
the occupation of Kafirs is called 'Dar-ul-Harb' or the 'Land of War'
because Momins are at war with Kafir countries perpetually till the
Day of Judgment. The Kafirs are unclean according to the Koran (Surah
IX) and therefore they CANNOT enter Mecca or Medina, and will be
killed if they enter these two sacred lands.

3. Dhimmis or the 'People of the Book': This term is normally
extended to cover non-Muslim people belonging to Abrahamic
traditions, i.e., the Jews and Christians. The Koran exhorts that
while there are some good people amongst Christians, the Muslims
should not befriend either them or Jews because they are not
trustworthy. The same rules of marraige apply here, as in the case of
Kafirs and Muslims. These people can live under Muslim rule only by
the payment of Jaziya and subjecting themselves to certain
liabilities that are listed in the 'Pact of Umar', framed by the
Caliph Umar, the second 'Rightly Guided' Caliph of Islam. The Dhimmis
are said by the Koran and the Islamic tradition to have interpolated
and corrupted their scriptures (the Bible) and are therefore
spiritually inferior to Muslims. They are not permitted to enter
Heaven and will go to Hell.

4. OTHER CATEGORIES: This includes 'Apostates' who have renounced
Islam, and 'Hypocrites' (Zindiqs) who follow Islam nominally but
criticize the eternal sacred word of the Koran. Both are to be
punished by being killed by Momins whenever the opportunity arises.
They can escape death only by repenting and confessing that there is
no god but al-Llah and that Muhammad is his last Prophet.

Conversion of a Hindu to one of the above Abrahamic faiths DOES NOT
get him free of a caste systems at all! It only 'shifts the
boundaries of prejudice and discrimination'. Hitherto, he might have
been subjugated by his fellow Hindus. But now he CAN become a
spiritual tormentor and a worldly prince. The Hindu convert to these
faiths becomes a 'non-Hindu Brahmin', condemning all his ex-
coreligionists to Hell while awarding himself to eternal heavenly

Earlier, the ex-Hindu suffered from boundaries which applied only to
this world, and were often porous and non-existent. But as a neo-
Christian/Muslim he now finds himself on the other, privileged side
of the supercaste boundary which is even more rigid than the older
caste-boundaries, and which extends even beyond this world.

The Abrahamic Supercaste System does not free Hindus and Pagans from
its stranglehold even after they die, it condemns them to an
everlasting torment and Hell-Fire.

But for the privileged Abrahamic Supercastes, it provides an
unshakeable conviction that all Pagans and Infidels are meant for
Eternal Hell after Death, and are fit for Domination by the Abrahamic
Brahmins in this world.


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