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Critical Podium Dewanand


Islamism is neonazism

Sacrificer           Dewanand of the Netherlands
Sacrifice code       wfor0128
Sacrifice date       wednesday 12th september 2001

Subject: Islamism is neonazism
Author: Dewanand of the Netherlands
wednesday 12th september 2001

Request to reader: please copy or print this article and spread it around the whole world.

After years of studying and observing muslim behaviour, inner reflections, abstract mental constitution, their narrowminded vision upon non-muslims and their daily thoughts, I discovered some disturbing facts. For many years I kept silent, but today, after the cowardly attack on the WTC in New York, I decided to publish parts of my research results.

Every normal person gets confused by only hearing the word neonazism or fascism. We all know the reality of the nazist regimes of WOII in Germany and after that big war every healthy human of this world said to him/herself:

"Never, never again, please, save the world, save my children".

In short simple steps I will reveal my knowledge about Islam. Remember as reader that I was raised as a muslim and after many years of extreme problems, I totally converted myself toward Hinduism, because Hindu people are tolerant and more developed. Hindu women accepted me as human being, in spite of my handicaps and they gave me a new belief in my future, without any rewards for themself. For me Hinduism is really advanced and the ultimate future of all living creatures on this planet, but in Hindu cultures there is no need to become the leaders or rule the world.
"Simply exist and do no harm", is typical Hinduistic thinking.

Observe the similarity between muslims and neonazism:

Similarity 1
Nazist say: "Heil Hitler"
Muslim say: "Allah ho akbar"
Observe: just the same feelings, same emotions and, same thoughts.

Similarity 2
Nazist believe that they are superior.
Muslim believe that they are superior and the chosen ones by Allah, so they will go to the muslim heaven, even if they kill and rape thousands of innocent women and children.
Observe: just the same feelings, same motives for committing crimes against humanity and same thoughts.

Similarity 3
Nazist will kill everyone in the name of their Führer, Adolf Hitler.
Muslim will kill every enemy that is called Haram, in the name of Allah, their symbol of muslim unity.
Observe: just the same feelings, same motives for committing crimes against humanity and same thoughts.

Similarity 4
Nazist suppressed women in brutal way, with coldbloody force. All women in Germany were sent to the kitchen after the absolute laws of the Führer were installed.
Muslim control women totally and condemn them to a life as underdogs, and they even have succeeded in letting women believe that they are inferior and equal to a half man.
Observe: totally no difference in treatment of women.

Similarity 5
Nazist believed in the holy book Mein Kampf, composed by Joseph Goebbels, but based upon the visions of Adolf Hitler, while he was emprisoned.
Muslim believe in holy book koran.
Observe: Just the same goal, same content, same cruel vision of future of humanity. No difference, after abstract analysis. After abstract analysis I concluded that the dark inner core of the muslim mind is the same as that of a nazist of the Nazi-empire.

There are many other similarities between muslim thinking and nazist thoughts.

One difference:
Nazist ruled for ten years, and systematically killed almost 70 percent of all jews in Europe.
Muslim empires ruled for ten centuries in India, killing 60 million Hindus. Even today muslim leaders rules in many parts of the world and everyday innocent humans suffer or are being killed. Examples: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Nigeria. Find more for yourself.

Therefore I want to inform the whole world that my conclusion
after deep scientific study and hard life experience is stated as follows:

1. Islam is just the same as neo-nazism.

2. The biggest LIE OF HISTORY is that Islam is a religion.
Scientific conclusion: Islam is not a religion at all.

3. IT analysis results can be stated as follows:
Islam is a hatred, binary and very destructible virus that can infect (indoctrinate) many human brains and especially destroy the youth and life of young children. It is a crime to put such a destructive thought into the mind of young children. Please protect all youngsters of today in islamic families against systematically Islamic indoctrination.

After deep meditation and reanalysation of all facts,
I advise all democratic folks and countries to undertake the following steps:

Advise 1.

Firstly forbid the koran. it is a book that spreads only hatred and narrowminded thoughts in this world and this is not good for our world society. Koran clearly mentions the abscence of world peace and stimulates the development of a global bloody jihad.
The koran is the most destructive book in the world of all civilizations on our poor planet. Such a book must be doomed for the mass. By consuming the destructive energy of the koran, every human can become a ruthless enemy of mankind.

Advise 2.

Start (global) information campaign to actively convert muslims into another religion, that is more peaceful. start by making clear that nobody must call himself muslim anymore, because it is the same as neonazism. Send many mental (priests) workers to Islamic countries to spread the peaceful religions, just like Buddhism, Sufism, Bahai, Greek mythology, Odinism, Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Christianity and many others, or to Humanism. Refill the mind of all ex-muslims and eradicate this awful indoctrination within one generation.
This is the cheapest solution, and the result is almost permanently. The koran must be totally forbidden and possession of a koran must be punished.

Advise 3.

Start telling youth and children of muslim families and origins the truth about the bloody and cowardly history of islam and who mohammed and his killing gangs really were. every child has the right to know the truth and parents do not have the right to doom the future of a young innocent child. Tell these children the truth on all schools, starting with lowest reading classes or by tales. Every child is my child and that's why I am ready to fight for the rights of small innocent children.

Advise 4.

In civilised cultures mutilation of the human body is forbidden by clearly stated laws. Scientific research has already proven that circumcision is not natural and leads to traumatic experiences, sexual frustrations, agression and blocking of orgasm, by men and women. And the myth that circumsicion is hygienic is already refuted. Therefore I strongly state the advise to totally forbid (religious forced) circumsicion, without medical indication by specialists.

In Hindu culture they say:

Sathya (truth) will always win.

Only with Gyaan (knowledge) it is possible to light up the darkness of unknowing and hatred.

So please tell youngsters the truth.

It is our duty to prevent the new generation of the children out of originally muslim families, from indoctrination by destructive thoughts from the koran. We must inform the young about the dangers of islam and it is better to start today on all schools in the whole world. More cheaper and more efficient for all humans on earth. Every human being has the right to know the truth about the history of mankind and to gather the knowledge to live happily and peacefully.

Aum Shanti, Shanti, Aum Shanti. AUM.

At last. You as single human being can also join my peaceful strategy against islam. I beg you to talk with all muslims in your social network and give books about other religions to their children and tell them all the cruel and rotten facts of islam. Buy the best books with your own money and save the innocent children that are born in muslim families. If you succeed in converting the young one, than you have saved the life of my children.

Let us all cooperate and peacefully eradicate islamic doctrines out of this world. Thanks a lot.


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